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Morton Mintz: The Press and Cancer-Causing Hormones

Researchers believe a simple fact explains a startling 15 percent decline in breast-cancer rates in the 16 months ending in December 2003, the New York Times reported in a Dec. 15 story: “[M]illions of women abandoned hormone treatment for the symptoms of menopause after a large national study concluded that the hormones slightly increased breast [...]

Barry Sussman: Lunch in the Statehouse if Your Paper Endorsed the Governor

Departing Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich held a luncheon the other day at the State House in Annapolis where those invited, according to an account in the Washington Post, were “limited to reporters from newspapers that had endorsed his candidacy.” The Post, being such a paper, had a reporter in attendance, there to note first-hand such [...]

Charles Lewis: Back to the Future

It is a wearying thought, but of course the 2008 presidential campaign already has been underway for some time. Quaint and long ago were the days when political campaigns were waged and covered only in the actual election years. More than 40 years of contemporary political campaign books essentially began with Theodore White’s first of [...]

Morton Mintz: Key Questions for Bush That Maybe Only Foreigners Will Ask

“In contrast to the small-bore questions that American reporters posed to President Bush yesterday about his Iraq policy,” Dan Froomkin wrote in his White House Briefing column at, “two British journalists cut right to the central issue of the president’s credibility.” It is in hopes that British or other foreign reporters will ask President [...]

Saul Friedman: Reporters, Where’s The Outrage?

As far as I can tell, among all the briefings, press conferences and punditry, only the liberal Center for American Progress made the connection between the Iraq Study Group and the primary reason for its existence. On the day the group made its report, the center noted, 10 more Americans met violent deaths in Iraq. [...]

Saul Friedman: How Gates Almost Missed The End of The Cold War

There is at least one more important matter that reporters with too little memory ought to know about before they cover the hearings for Robert Gates, the nominee for Defense Secretary: He almost cost us the end of the cold war. That may be a bit of hyperbole, but it’s not far wrong. Gates, for [...]