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Dan Froomkin: Great Questions to Ask About Attacking Iran

Legendary military correspondent George C. Wilson, writing in his “Forward Observer” column for CongressDaily, raises some essential questions that should be asked about launching an attack on Iran — “before,” as Wilson puts it, “it’s too late”: “How can you bomb anything nuclear in Iran without spewing radioactive debris into the atmosphere and poisoning it [...]

Gilbert Cranberg: Murdoch and the Bancrofts: a Humiliating Deal All Around

Who is being more humiliated? Rupert Murdoch, who is so reviled that the property he covets has to be protected from him, or the Bancroft family, whose obvious distaste for Murdoch is being overcome by their apparent appetite for his money? If this were a political cartoon, it would show a grinning Murdoch carrying Bancrofts [...]

Saul Friedman: Is Too Much of the Press ‘Sicko?’

Michael Moore’s documentary about the American health care non-system, “Sicko,” was barely into the theaters before some of our journalist brethren began an effort, with the silent thanks of insurance companies, to talk us out of the notion of universal, publicly financed heath care. For example, the Washington Post/CNN Media Critic Howard Kurtz, who keeps [...]

Herb Strentz: Freedom of Information Is Inspiring All Over the World

Like most print-oriented people, my travel ritual includes sampling the local newspapers. Maybe such reading is just habitual, but often enough it also is rewarding or surprising. That certainly was the case during a recent two-week visit to China, reading the China Daily, which is published in English six days a week by the nation’s [...]

Dan Froomkin: Different Ways of Reporting on Iran

At a panel discussion I was on the other day about the state of mainstream political reporting, a member of the audience expressed concern over the credulous coverage of the administration’s overhyped warnings about the threat posed to America by Iran. MSNBC reporter David Shuster responded in part by saying that journalists have generally not [...]