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Gilbert Cranberg: Did Clinton Bet Wrong on Iowa?

DES MOINES–Did Hillary Clinton make a mistake by not skipping Iowa’s caucuses? She was advised last May to pass them up by campaign aide Mike Henry. He wrote in a memo that Clinton should quit wasting time and money on Iowa and go “where the delegates are.” Henry argued that the New York Democrat would [...]

Gilbert Cranberg: On the Practice of Rebutting Letters to the Editor

Who gets the last word? Editors can always claim it, but should they? Consider this: Fred B. Walters of Harrisburg, PA., wrote to complain in the September/October Columbia Journalism Review about a couple of recent pieces by contributing editor Michael Massing critical of press coverage of the annual auto show in Detroit and of the [...]

Saul Friedman: The Breathless Coverage of Hillary Clinton

When will the American press grow up and realize that America may at last be adult enough to catch up with the 21st Century and elect a woman as president. One doesn’t have to support the candidacy of Sen. Hillary Clinton, or her positions to take a little pride in that possibility and to consider [...]

Dan Froomkin: Could Congress Prevent Bush From Attacking Iran?

Depending on whom you believe, Vice President Cheney may have already persuaded President Bush that the only effective way to check Iran’s political and nuclear ambitions is to launch a military attack sometime before the end of his term – maybe even very soon. Could members of Congress prevent that from happening? Not if all [...]

Saul Friedman: How to Challenge the Talking Points

As I predicted here in July, George W. Bush, the president of all the people, is once again vetoing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), despite its overwhelming (75 percent) support among Americans, health care professionals and members of Congress. The basic reason was and is ideological; he’s against government sponsored health care. White [...]