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Carolyn Lewis: Mucho Macho Sarah

Posted at 12:00 pm, September 12th, 2008
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Am I the only person in America who thinks Sarah Palin is SCARY?

That she is a female candidate for vice-president may be different and interesting, but it is a distraction from the essential question: What kind of president would she be if called on to fill that high office?

Briefly unleashed from McCain’s apron strings (now THERE’S a sexist metaphor), what she is revealing about herself is frankly chilling. How did she react when she was tapped to be McCain’s running mate, she was asked. She didn’t hesitate for a moment, she reported. “Yes, I am ready,” she said. Not a flicker of doubt. Not an ounce of humility about the burden that might be laid on her.

“You can’t blink,” she said. “You have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission –you can’t blink.”

Sound familiar? George W. Bush in drag, perhaps?

No time out to consider alternatives, consequences, repercussions. React instantly, from the gut. Don’t blink. Just close your eyes and shoot.

No one wants a pussycat (oh dear, another sexist word) to lead us, someone so scared that he or she becomes paralyzed in the face of hard choices. But neither do we want a leader so “wired” in unthinking certitude that she is unable to weigh a matter before deciding.

Note to members of the media: It’s time to turn away from mommyhood, and moose-frying and the fact that Sarah Palin is a woman, and look closely at what makes this particular candidate tick. The stakes are too high for anything less.

2 Responses to “Mucho Macho Sarah”

  1. Jim Michie says:

    And what is even more frightening, Carolyn, is the “news” media, using Charlie Gibson’s “exclusive interview” with Palin to actually pass judgment on whether she is “ready” to be vice president. You know, those snake-oil salesmen on MSNBC, CNN and FOX Noise–and sadly the other two traditional networks as well–who replay the “Charlie Gibson show” as though it is the standard-setter for Palin: “Will she, can she, should she?” For God’s sake, these idiots are constructing a fait acompli in the minds of ill-informed and undecided voters that Sara Palin is electable. Charlie Gibson has single-handedly positioned this obscure and pitifully ill-informed person to be elected vice president–a person who forcefully stated to Charlie that she “did not blink” when asked by McCain to be his running mate. Yes, America will have the chance to vote for a person who believes that the Iraqi war is a “task from God; a person who, as mayor of Wasilla, asked about banning books from the town library; a person who claims to know all about Russia because it’s right across the way from Alaska; and most frightening, a person who doesn’t give a second thought to lying about her “record” as mayor of a never-heard-of very small town and governor of Alaska for less than two years. Oh yes, Charlie Gibson’s “exclusive interview” with this very sad individual may well serve to be her passage to the vice presidency, a heartbeat away from the oval office. Frightening, Carolyn, extremely frightening!

  2. Roschelle says:

    How can Ms. Palin be a credible candidate when she’s not even sure what branch of the government the Vice Presidential post is categorized under?

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