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Gilbert Cranberg: Coming to Grips with the Failure of the Press

As reports proliferate about greed and crime in the suites, it was refreshing to hear praise for a pair of principled newspaper corporate executives, Anthony Ridder, CEO of the former Knight Ridder chain, and Gary Pruitt of McClatchy. John Walcott, Washington bureau chief of Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) lauded both Oct. 7 in remarks on [...]

Carolyn Lewis: About John McCain’s Experience

Every time I hear somebody say that John McCain has more “experience” than Barack Obama, I think of a couple who used to live next door. The pair were good neighbors, friendly folks, but they had one shortcoming. They liked to travel around the world, and when they came back, they insisted that their friends [...]

Barry Sussman: On Hiding the News and Sydney Schanberg

I’ve written several times recently about how the press, including the leading news organizations, has been running away from damaging stories about John McCain, hiding them. The response is mixed: In emails today and yesterday, a former colleague thanked me but a Naval Reserve lieutenant commander said I was writing drivel. Interestingly, several people took [...]

Dan Froomkin: What’s the Way Out in Iraq?

Washington-based editors have apparently found an exit strategy for Iraq, but it couldn’t be more short-sighted: They’ve decided to pull their reporters out of the country. This morning’s Washington Post features a front-page story by Ernesto Londoño and Amit R. Paley describing how the number of foreign journalists in Baghdad is “declining sharply, a media [...]

Morton Mintz: You Thought Golden Parachutes Were on the Way Out? Guess Again.

By ignoring a bill once endorsed by now-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congress has blown a golden opportunity to do something truly creative and fair about excessive executive compensation. Instead, it passed a bill putting limitations on “golden parachutes” that not only can be dodged by executives, but can short-change shareholders as well, according to Graef [...]