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Gilbert Cranberg: Krugman’s off today? That’s refreshing.

For me, the most intriguing item in the July 20 New York Times was tacked on to the end of Ross Douthat’s op-ed column. It said: “Paul Krugman is off today.” “Off” in the sense that what Krugman turned in was not up to his or the Times’s standard? Newspapers are seldom that candid. Or [...]

Gilbert Cranberg: Is Palin Going to Iowa? You Bet.

Will she or won’t she? Will Sarah Palin, that is, accept the Iowa GOP’s invitation to be the featured speaker at this year’s Ronald Reagan Dinner? The invitation was issued by Iowa Republican bigwigs immediately after Palin seemingly signaled an interest in a presidential run in 2012 by announcing her intent to retire as Alaska’s [...]

Dan Froomkin: My New Job at The Huffington Post

I’m delighted to announce that starting later this month, I’ll be taking on the duties of Washington Bureau Chief and Blogger for The Huffington Post. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s a marvelous platform — Arianna Huffington has built a large and thriving community of readers by adhering to the best principles of [...]

Barry Sussman: Iason Athanasiadis is Released in Tehran

Iason Athanasiadis, the journalist and photographer arrested in Tehran June 17th, has been released, it was reported today. He was said to have been the only non-Iranian among more than 40 journalists detained in the days of protest following the June 12th Iranian elections. Wire accounts quoted an Iranian official as saying Athanasiadis had been [...]