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Dan Froomkin: Where’s the Peace Movement?

Posted at 2:32 pm, September 11th, 2009
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A health majority of the American public now opposes the war in Afghanistan. More and more Democrats, some leading Republicans, and even members of the military are calling for, if not outright withdrawal, at least an exit strategy.

So where’s the peace movement?

Where are, if not the massive peace marches, at least the quiet peace vigils? Where are the letters to the editor, and the sermons, and the city council resolutions?

I had a lot of these same questions during the height of the Iraq war. And the most common answer I got was that the establishment of a volunteer army had made issues of war and peace seem abstract, and unpressing.

For almost everybody, this war is somebody else’s problem.

Nevertheless, it’s astonishing how little public expression there is of such a dominant public sentiment.

Or is it that the media just aren’t paying attention?

So here are my questions to my fellow journalists: Where is the peace movement? Where is the coverage of the peace movement? And is the absence of the latter actually contributing to the absence of the former?

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