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Barry Sussman: Snappy? Liberated? No, Just an Editorial Snafu

Two letters in the Washington Post Nov. 27th told editors something they should know without reminding: Just because somebody says something stupid or crude that is picked up here and there doesn’t mean it has to go in the paper. The letters were referring to what ran as the “Quote of the Week” in a [...]

Morton Mintz: Corporate CEO’s Compensation, and a Little Perspective

News often needs context and/or perspective, and a recent Wall Street Journal report provides a memorable example. The article identified the 20 corporate CEOs who “had the most total direct compensation in their most recent fiscal year.” Leading the list, with a mind-boggling $87,095,882, was Liberty Media’s Gregory B. Maffei. Five others head media or [...]

POGO: Don’t Be Afraid of the Congressional Oversight Bogeyman

By Nick Schwellenbach, Angela Canterbury and Danielle Brian Crossposted at the Project On Government Oversight blog. While many in DC are crying into their beers or measuring the windows of their new offices, POGO has a different take on the election. We have been hearing a lot of talk from both Democrats and Republicans characterizing “oversight” [...]

Morton Mintz: A Rubber Room, Not a Green Room, for Gingrich

In an email to Meet the Press on Oct. 26 and in a snail-mail letter the next day, I wrote: “For an article I am doing for, I want to ask: “Why has Newt Gingrich been the most-booked guest on Meet the Press during the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency? “Why has Speaker [...]

POGO: The Case of the Missing Inspector General Reports

By Michael Smallberg, crossposted with the Project On Government Oversight Inspector General (IG) investigations expose some of the most egregious examples of misconduct by federal officials—everything from whistleblower retaliation to the abuse of taxpayer dollars—and the public has every right to see the (non-classified, non-redacted) results of these investigations. Yet in many cases, agencies have [...]