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Gilbert Cranberg: John A. One-Note Boehner

Posted at 4:07 pm, December 20th, 2011
Gilbert Cranberg Mug

“The House Republican leader on Sunday flatly rejected a short-term, bipartisan Senate measure to extend a payroll tax break and unemployment insurance, setting the stage for a bitter year-end collision and the potential loss of benefits for millions of Americans.
“In an interview on ’Meet the Press on NBC, John A. Boehner, the House speaker…..”
New York Times, Dec. 19, 2011

With apologies to Johnny One-Note, Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers…
John A. could only sing one note
And the note he sings was this
Poor John A. Boehner
Sang out with gusto
And just overlorded the place
Poor John A. Boehner
Yelled willy nilly
Until he was blue (?) in the face
Holding one note was his ace.
Couldn’t hear the brass
Couldn’t hear the drum
He was in a class by himself,
By gum!
Couldn’t hear the flute
Or the big trombone
Ev’ry one was mute
Boehner stood alone;

Sing John A. Boehner,
Sing out with “gusto” and
Just overwhelm all the crowd

So sing John A. Boehner, for fame!
Sing John A. Boehner out loud!
–Careful how you say his name.

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