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Gilbert Cranberg: Health Care Reform – a Jobs Bill for Lawyers, Grist for Demagogues

Posted at 1:00 pm, April 4th, 2010
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The Patient Protection and Affordability Act, sometimes known as the full employment act for lawyers, has critics salivating to get into court to challenge the law’s requirement that everyone buy health insurance.

The critics are beside themselves over the provision. To hear the moans and gnashed teeth you’d think the very foundations of Western civilization are under attack. Never mind that for decades Americans have paid Social Security and Medicare taxes for mandated coverage and that most states require motorists to buy liability insurance. The new purchase requirement is at least for self-protection; liability insurance buys protection for others and can be costly. True, liability insurance is a state requirement but that’s a distinction without a difference for taxpayers.

Much of the bloviating over the purchase requirement for health care is demagogy, pure and simple. You would think that conservatives would be thrilled by a law that ends the free ride for the non-insured. But instead of welcoming a law that promotes individual responsibility, the critics are racing to courthouses to undo it.

Partisanship, and not principle, is what drove the health care issue in Congress and still drives it.

5 Responses to “Health Care Reform – a Jobs Bill for Lawyers, Grist for Demagogues”

  1. Darlene says:

    I agree completely. It’s all about trying to create a failed presidency for Obama. Nothing else matters to the Republicans. People can die for lack of insurance yet they are sticking to their playbook that has worked so well for them for 50 years. Search and destroy.

  2. Leslie Pool says:

    Social Security and Medicare taxes are government agencies — not privately owned health insurance ‎oligopolies that have been unaffordable for the last ten years. How do you expect the ‎middle class Americans to pay for these outlandish costs? The whole point of health ‎care reform was to lower the costs of insurers — the dregs of society that are ‎bankrupting everyone. ‎

    But amazingly enough, cost controls were not a concern to lawmakers or Obama ‎because they already have affordable health care. Instead, Obama is providing Wall ‎Street businesses to profit by feeding off Americans who can ill afford to pay the cost ‎of unaffordable premiums from these very bad people. And if I can’t afford the price, I get penalized — and I still don’t have health care. This is like a bad joke and corporate welfare run amuck; ‎treating these companies as if they’re government run entities at the expense of ‎taxpayers is a devious plan intending on destroying the middle-class. ‎

    And as far as auto-insurance goes; if you don’t have a car; you don’t have to buy insurance — without ‎penalty.‎

  3. lambert strether says:

    The bill forces me to purchase a defective product from a profit-making enterprise.

    That’s wrong.

  4. gwen moody says:

    Leslie, you’re spot on…however Lambert your reply contains the best two lines I’ve read anywhere on this subject. There is a PROBLEM with forcing us to buy a product from any corporation and if Congress wants that power, they should amend the Constitution.

  5. Anne says:

    Well, Gwen, isn’t it the people who are screaming the loudest (are you among them?) about being “forc(ed) to buy a product from any corporation” who were ALSO screaming about how wonderful health insurance as provided by corporations is and how dreadful, dreadful, dreadful was the idea of single payer insurance through the government, like Medicare, would be? Typical angst from my fellow Americans who want, want, want but who object to having to pay for what they want. And, no, it’s not the liberals who seem to believe that you can have life’s necessities without having to pay for them.

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