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Barry Sussman: ‘We Probably Could Have Saved Ourselves’

Today is this website’s last day. I’ve already said goodbye – on Monday – but since then I’ve gotten some nice, even moving emails from folks and I’d like to share a few of them. I’m leaving out the names of the writers. “Hi Barry–You should feel as proud as a peacock for the quality [...]

Barry Sussman: We’ve Made a Few Changes to the Site

I’d like to tell you about a couple of changes we’ve made to this site in recent weeks. One is a new home-page feature, “Elsewhere on the Web,” aimed at letting readers know about some excellent watchdog reporting. As news becomes more and more an online venture, a lot of good work is put out [...]

Barry Sussman: Our New Watchdog Blog

Day to day in many news organizations there’s no real encouragement for reporters and editors to do the best job they can. Instead, it’s just the opposite: The message sent by cuts in staff, cuts in news hole and focus on easy features, not hard news, is loud and clear and very, very disheartening and [...]