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Herb Strentz: Looking for a Republican HHH, to Take on the Extremists in Iowa

Where is the like of Hubert Humphrey when the Republicans so desperately need him — particularly when it comes to the Iowa GOP caucuses? The late Democratic U.S. senator and vice president (1911-1978) came to mind because of the continuing failure of just about any Iowa Republican, save one or two maybe, to speak up [...]

Gilbert Cranberg: The GOP’s Pup Tent

Once upon a time there were independent and moderate Republicans in this country. Think, among others, Nelson Rockefeller and William Scranton. And don’t overlook the likes of Iowa’s Robert Ray, who governed from 1969 to 1983 by appealing across party lines to independents, to Democrats and to fellow moderates in his own Republican party. Bob [...]

Mary C. Curtis: Museums Take up Civil Rights, Immigration Issues and Their History

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Do the issues of civil rights and immigration intersect? According to the mission of the Civil Rights Sites of Conscience Network, they do. The group of museums from the Southeast recently met over four days in Charlotte. Emily Zimmern, president and CEO of the host Levine Museum of the New South, lamented [...]