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Dan Froomkin: The Media Has Dispersed, But Questions About The Oil Spill Remain

The Natural Resources Defense Council is trying to remind journalists that there are still a lot of important, unanswered questions about the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Press coverage of the spill took a nose-dive after the blowout was contained and the White House misleadingly but successfully used a scientifically sketchy [...]

Gilbert Cranberg: Judges’ financial ties, a continuing scandal

It seemed odd that the federal judge who blocked President Obama’s order temporarily halting further deepwater drilling for oil may have had a personal financial stake in the issue. The most recent financial disclosure statement by District Judge Martin L.C. Feldman of New Orleans shows he owned stock as recently as last year in several [...]

Cornelia Carrier: Measuring My Carbon Footprint

“Measure your impact on climate change” read the subject line of the e-mail sent to me by The Nature Conservancy on April 30th. It sat there in my inbox unopened until last week, because I dreaded thinking about my own contribution. It is so easy to be against global warming, but what sacrifices are you [...]