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Will the reasons for the Iraq war ever be known?

ASK THIS | July 14, 2012

Tersely, Gil Cranberg links the voluminous findings in the Penn State probe into the Sandusky sex scandal to the failure – and circumscription – of a government inquiry into the possibly illegal invasion of Iraq, and the very costly war there.

By Gilbert Cranberg

When scandal erupted in the Penn State athletic department campus authorities brought in an outside investigator who spent more than seven months examining 3.5 million documents and conducting more than 400 interviews. The final report filled more than 250 pages.

When the U.S. government conducted a possibly illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 relying on flawed intelligence in a costly war with innumerable casualties the reasons for the conflict have gone largely unexamined. The Bush administration appointed a nine-member Iraq Intelligence Commission but carefully circumscribed what it could investigate. Barred from the commission’s scrutiny was how “policy makers used the intelligence they received from the Intelligence Community on Iraq’s weapons programs.” So if the Bush White House hyped reports  about Iraqi weapons, that couldn’t be included in the commission’s study. The same restriction if applied to the Penn State inquiry would have barred investigators from learning how Penn State administrators responded to reports that Gerry Sandusky was molesting young boys on campus.

The Iraq war remains largely a mystery. There never has been an adequate explanation of why we waged war on a country that posed no threat to us. The press, which mostly supported the war, has made no attempt to understand why almost all of it sat on the sidelines as the country headed into an unnecessary war.

If Penn State can conduct a no-holds barred study of a campus sex scandal surely the country can do no less to get to the bottom of a costly and deadly war of aggression.


Posted by ghostcommander
07/15/2012, 06:29 PM

The illegal administration of covert president cheney and his puppet 'duh' bush ran a Fascist Criminal Enterprise for themselves and their criminally corrupt corporate cronies.

They generated 935 lies to justify their illegal invasion, knowing that Hussein was fully contained.

After the first Gulf War, Hussein's military was all but destroyed. They could not have whipped themselves out of a wet paper bag.

There was a Southern no-fly zone and then a Northern no fly-zone.

Fascist's always need to justify their acts with the Big Lie-tell lies, even preposterous lies and repeat them over and over to convince, fool and even brainwash the citizens.

This war was a money maker for the war mongering, war profiteers, military industrial contractors, construction contractors, and just about anybody and everybody could get a contract.
Heck, they were even coached by the miserable failure administration of cheney/bush.
(small letters are intentional for cheney and bush)

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