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Anthony and her main lawyer, Jose Baez. (AP)

What if the Casey Anthony jury hadn't been sequestered?

ASK THIS | November 27, 2011

The court of public opinion, shaped by sensational, damning press accounts, found this young Florida woman to be a horrid person, guilty as charged in her two-year-old daughter’s death. The jury, sequestered and not subject to the vicious coverage, acquitted her. Writer Keith Long thinks the jury got it right, and says justice was done despite the media’s accounts.

By Keith Long
The recent murder trial of Casey Anthony in Orlando exposed much of the American news media in circus mode. Accounts from the start portrayed her as an unsympathetic, horrid, guilty figure, and often were gleeful in doing so. Major broadcast and cable news networks offered Iphone Apps just for the trial. YouTube videos exploded, often replaying news feeds.
The day in July that a not-guilty verdict was announced, ABC news reported, “Public Irate Over Casey Anthony Verdict; Social Media Sites Explode With Opinions.”
The public outcry, and indeed there was one, was based on poor, selective reporting by the news media. As a forensic psychiatrist at UCLA, Dr. Carole Lieberman, put it, “The reason that people are reacting so strongly is that the media convicted Casey before the jury reached a verdict.”
During the three years from the child’s death to the verdict all of America was exposed to a continuum of reporting and opinion that not only expected Casey would be found guilty, but, almost routinely in its coverage, presumed her guilt. CBS News at the start of the trial reported that Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, said, “The case is overwhelming. No one else in the world could have done this except Casey Anthony.” In the middle of the trial after the prosecution rested, Time Magazine reported, “Virtually no one doubts that Anthony was involved in her child’s death,” then adding, “but if you see murder in Casey Anthony’s big brown eyes during a live feed of her trial, you can tell all the world how delectable you will find her execution.” The Orlando Sun Sentinel added its perspective in an Op-Ed, “The defense may sound a bit off the wall, but hey, the jury somehow believed O.J. Simpson too.”

My review of the case shows that in the Casey Anthony trial justice was done not because of American journalism but in spite of it. Defense arguments were consistently diminished, discounted or disputed in the media. I could not find a single press account supporting the innocence of the defendant. Reporters and camera people were bullying as well as prejudiced; it may be concern over their aggressiveness that led the trial judge to withhold the jurors’ names for months after the trial and that has led Casey Anthony to stay in hiding despite her acquittal and release. Who wouldn’t want to hide in the face of accounts like this one in the Chicago Tribune that stated, “Just when you think Casey Anthony can’t possibly nauseate you anymore than she has already, try this: She wants more children.”

Currently, Anthony is on probation at an undisclosed location in Florida in connection with check fraud charges, and is required to stay in the state for one year.

Here are questions at the outset for anyone going over the press performance and the case itself:
Q. If Casey did not murder Caylee, how did she die?
Q. How did it happen that two-year-old Caylee could be found in the woods just blocks from the Anthony home?
Q. Why did Casey write bad checks and go partying, pictured dancing and smiling at a nightclub, days after her daughter died?
Q. Why did she fail to report her daughter’s death to the police?
Q. What did the jury hear that the press missed?
The defense held that Caylee drowned, unattended, in a swimming pool accident at her grandparents’ home, where she and Casey were living. To me, and apparently to almost all the jurors, that was the logical explanation. The details of what happened afterward are what is most unclear. The Anthonys, as the trial brought out, were a quite dysfunctional family. The elements of fear and blame, which would have been hard for anyone to handle given such a terrible event, appear to have been just too much for them to cope with.
Someone had to move Caylee from her home in June, 2008, and place her remains in the woods where her body was ultimately found in December, 2008. The police and the public believe that person was Casey. I believe the evidence leads pretty clearly to her father. In my view, Casey was protecting him. But the favor was not exactly returned; George Anthony, shown at right, testified against her as she faced the death penalty for a crime she did not commit.
In early June, 2008, people who knew Casey liked her and described her as a responsible person who helped others. She was said to be an honest single mom who cared for Caylee and shared a strong mother-daughter bond with her. Caylee's natural father was absent and Casey was raising her with no monetary child support. Her relationship with Caylee was described as "amazing" by one friend, Amy Huizenga. Casey’s boyfriend's sister described the Casey-Caylee relationship the same way. And the father of Casey’s former fiance said it was obvious to everyone that Caylee gave Casey meaning in her life. Casey's friends said she was super-attentive to Caylee's needs, a good mother and a good person in every sense of the word.
Casey, through her attorney Jose Baez, said that her father molested her beginning at age 8. Dr. Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist, commented that Casey's description of her father's sexual abuse was convincing and consistent with victims he had worked with who were sexually assaulted as young children.

Casey's father was portrayed initially by the press as a former police officer whose grandchild was taken from him as a result of actions by a sociopathic daughter who tired of the responsibilities of motherhood. Casey was described by the prosecutors as someone who wanted to party, and who killed her child for that reason – and what a crushing blow that was to George. What we can see from the statements of those who knew her is just the opposite, that Casey was an attentive and loving mother, and her father… well her father had issues. What trial testimony showed is that, as the jury foreman said after the trial, the jury collectively could not give her father's testimony credibility.
News coverage of George was voluminous but chaotic. He was videotaped arguing with supporters outside his home while people all over the state were searching for Caylee. He had long had anger management issues and was asked to leave the house at the height of the search for the little girl. He could not always be depended on to tell the truth, either to his wife Cindy, or to the jury during his daughter's trial for capital murder.
On June 16, 2008, the day of the pool accident, could it be possible, as the defense team alleged, that George's anger took events out of control? We know after Caylee died, Casey's life and behavior changed 180 degrees. She flipped out; it was her behavior in this period that caused so many people to conclude she was guilty. Is it possible that Casey's behavior was a reaction to decisions by her father and the underlying dysfunctional Anthony family relationships? Which leads me to the single most important reason people believe she was guilty: the photographs and reports of her partying at a nightclub, just days after daughter Caylee died.
Her behavior is complicated. Casey was indeed photographed at a nightclub. Her boyfriend wanted to go there, and she wanted to be with him. He was at the time the closest thing she had to a partner with whom she could share her feelings. That explains why she was "partying." It was also determined during trial that for a young mother in a dysfunctional family, grief after the death of her child can take the forms Casey displayed.
As for the endless loop of photos of Casey in the media at the nightclub? It turns out that someone asked her to be photographed at the club, it was not her idea. Statements by friends who were with her said she seemed like someone who was there to be supportive, not to party. Pictures, as I think we all know, can be interpreted in a way that misrepresents what is actually happening in the minds of people being photographed.

Casey kept her grief bottled up inside because her family dynamic denied her anyone to share it with. Not her father, who seemed almost eager to testify against her as she faced a capital murder conviction. Not her mother, Cindy, who had in place a long-term resistance to Casey's living at home and no desire to be reminded, daily, of the sexual abuse George had inflicted on Casey while she was a child.

So what are the most logical explanations for how Caylee died, and for her body being hidden in the woods just blocks from her home, not to be found for months afterward?

The defense stated that on the day of Caylee's death Casey and her father were home together. There may have been miscommunication about who should have been watching Caylee when the pool accident occurred. Accidental deaths from drowning are the leading cause of deaths for children in Florida.
The case I make is that when George discovered Caylee had drowned in their pool, he was afraid of the consequences and his reaction was to protect himself. Ultimately the established family dynamic ruled, with the parents on one side and Casey on the other. The defense has said that when the accidental death of Caylee occurred, George warned Casey that as a mother she would be seen as the one at fault, that it was Casey who should have been watching daughter Caylee.
Do I believe it is likely that Casey's father then took Caylee's body away to hide blame from himself? Yes. And after some indecision, and in desperation, he ultimately left the two-year-old in the woods where she would not be found until almost six months later.
The dysfunctional dynamic in the Anthony household was in full bloom and still determining family behavior. After Caylee’s death, George attempted what was called a weak attempt at suicide; he also had a brief affair with a woman. Cindy Anthony now faced the reality that George’s recent affair and his abuse of Casey as a child would become public knowledge. Later, Cindy reaffirmed the Anthony family’s choices when she sat next to George during Casey’s trial.
Caylee’s death was an accident that spawned a new secret for the Anthony family, one that could not be confined to their home. For Casey, telling police the truth meant she would face the loss not only of her daughter but that she would be exposing her father to possible criminal charges and certain blame for hiding the death of Caylee. That would destroy any hope she had of repairing broken family relationships.
On July 5, 2011, when Casey was found not guilty of murder, what an irony the jury's verdict would reveal – Casey was the most constructive person in the Anthony family, as well as the most vulnerable.
It seems clear that the starting point for much of the press coverage was that Casey Anthony was guilty of murder. At one point or another, remarks like these were aired: “She (Casey Anthony) is an aberrant restless, slutty ok b----- (rhymes with witch),“ Geraldo Rivera for Fox News. Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for Tru TV on the jury‘s acquittal said, “She (Casey) may be celebrating now, but she will ultimately pay.” Jean Casarez, journalist for HLN, said what impressed her about the arguments heard at trial were the prosecutor’s closing statement that, “Casey Anthony was the most documented liar you have ever seen in a courtroom.” CBS news interviewed Casey Jordan, a legal contributor for HLN who said, “ (Casey) is not just lying, but it is lying off the scale. …it looks like every lie she told was to cover up evidence of homicide.”
The sequestered jury members heard evidence without the filter of press bias in the Casey Anthony case. According to one of the jurors, the verdict right off the bat was 10-2 for acquittal. It apparently was a wrenching decision for at least some jurors who were distressed by Anthony's behavior after her child's death. But as the jury foreman explained afterward, there was not sufficient evidence to convict her of murder, and that was that. One wonders what the jurors would have concluded had they been subject to press reports during the three-month trial.

Even if the jury was wrong – which I doubt, but which is possible – that would be no defense for the years of one-sided, vicious coverage by so many reporters and news organizations.

CNN legal contributor Jeffrey Toobin summed it up very simply: “The news media was very unfair to Casey Anthony,” he said. “The media‘s coverage is something we should all discuss.”

casey and your opinion
Posted by jane lauderdale sims
11/26/2011, 06:45 PM

This doesn't even deserve a response. You are as Dumb as the Jurors.If you plan on writing this in a book it will not sell or be Believed.Some people have Gall and no Brain and you are one of them.This is a made uo bunch of crap with no basis. Please don't insult peoples intelligence.Its outrageous you would write such Fiction.

Posted by NYC
11/26/2011, 07:02 PM

This article discounts a number of truths: You call C.A. an "honest" mother. Yet, evidence shows that she had stolen checks (thousands of dollars) from her parents and grandparents. She was gone all day "at work" with her daughter, but no one knew where she was. To this day, there is still no answer to that question.
Furthermore, numerous accounts from her friends (through depositions) state that C.A. was a pathological liar. Even her brother stated that in recordings with one of C.A.'s friends.
You also state that she received no monies from the baby's father, but why do you not say that her parents provided food and shelter for the little girl? It was not C.A. who supported her daughter. Remember, she lied about where she worked, continually.
In addition, she lied to Amy, whom she also stole checks from. Honest? If that is your idea of honesty, it's pretty scary.
Finally, C.A. was, above all, a liar. What was she doing with her daughter while she was "at work"?...no one knows when they were alone how she treated her. My guess is when they were alone the real C.A. came out and the little girl was held captive by her anger and rage,...this article glosses over much of what actually occurred. Like C.A.'s account of events, this article has lots of holes in it.

Posted by
11/26/2011, 07:05 PM

Apparently you drank the kool aid right along with the jury. Nuff said

Posted by Eva
11/26/2011, 07:20 PM

Oh please if she's not guilty of murder which I believe she murdered lil caylee then she should have been guitly of child neglect or abuse because she failed to do whatever she could to save her daughter after all jose did say she held a dead caylee n began to cry b/s which means if she didn't put caylee in the swamp then she handed her over for someone to put her there she didn't care bout giving her daughter proper burial so she could rest in peace! I think the whole trial was bull**** n casey did it all on her own,,,n bout the shed so wat george called the police cuz sum1 broke in the shed I bet casey borrowed gas cans before but never broke in so I would have called the cops too,,,,,caylee also took her baby doll everywhere that doll was found in the car which means she was last alive in that car with her devil mother casey poor caylee never had a chance,,,,casey is sooo guilty n jus becuz george lied bout n affair so what doesn't make him a murderer or villian,,,,,she hid the truth n gave the run around while caylee was rotting n being chewed on so she can get away with murder,,,,the jurors were a joke they were able to find 12 idiots who probably still believes the world is flat the trial was a joke along wit jose bozo casey will get what she deserves,,,,ppl need to get real it wasn't the media that gave public their opinion it was stupid casey's actions nobody wants to believe a mother could do what she did but she sure convinced most of the public which says a lot bout her guilt,,,,now she's tryin to figure out a way to make money #outrageous I hope sum1 throws her in swampy area in garbage bags while she's still alive she didn't love that lil girl that's a joke if she did she would have done anything to keep her corpse safe n a proper burial this artical is unbelievable n a disgrace to caylee,,,this article says a lot about the writer which is probably a horrible person as well after all horrible ppl like horrible ppl,,,,

Posted by Outraged
11/26/2011, 07:22 PM

You are a *******. Just like the 12 Pinellaspinheads. They couldn't find their ass from a hole in the ground. Skank killed Caylee and all the evidence showed it. Go put a dunce cap on idiot!

Posted by Chloe Wallace
11/26/2011, 07:27 PM

Spot on Deluded.R.I.P.Caylee.

Posted by kobemom
11/26/2011, 07:29 PM

You, my friend, most likely also think Casey is a beautiful young women and most likely spend your free time viewing her partying pictures on the Internet. Not hard to guess what part of your body you think with when in comes to Casey Anthony. The jury got it wrong. Dead wrong.

Posted by Bensmom
11/26/2011, 07:41 PM

At least Baez had a good reason to spew his load of lies that he had absolutely no fact or proof to back it up. Racing this scares me how gullible in this world can be...you fell for his bs? Unbelievable.

Posted by
11/26/2011, 07:45 PM

Did Baez pay you to write this? LMAO. Casey is a narcissistic sociopath that killed her daughter. Go to hell Keith, maybe you can meet the 12 dumb ass's and babykiller there.

Posted by Timothy Joseph
11/26/2011, 08:27 PM

You sir are a moron. You obviously are not a thinking person and are unable to formulate a rational decision. As old as you look it's pathetic that you don't have at least a tiny bit of sense. You need to be sent to an old people home as you are no use to society.

Posted by amy
11/26/2011, 08:41 PM

The person who wrote this is an idiot just like the jurors. Why on earth do u think u know more about George being involved than LE? Stop drinking the kool-aid...its making you stupid

Posted by Tari
11/26/2011, 09:31 PM

You can tell your buddy Baez that this didn't work either. There is no reason not to report an accidental drowning and to suggest that a former police officer would panic after an accident is ridiculous. You attempt to throw all suspicion to George and leave poor little Casey blameless. Casey is not blameless. She is a sociopath and pathological liar. Actions speak louder than words and that is what her actions show her to be. The fact that others thought she was a good mother only proves that she can put on a good act. After all, she had everyone believing she had a great job and wonderful Nanny.

Posted by MS
11/26/2011, 10:01 PM


Posted by Anna
11/26/2011, 10:45 PM

Sir, are you aware that what Casey Anthony actually said about the "drowning" was to her defense team psychologists and it varied greatly from what her attorneys claimed at trial? Are you aware that she inferred it was no accident but that her father actually purposefully drowned Caylee?
Those of us who followed this case with great interest and read every depo, watched every interview and jail visit, reviewed all the evidence, did not need a biased media to influence us. The evidence and Casey's own words and actions did that for us.
By the way, those questions asked by the media that you feel are so biased? Those are questions most thinking people following the case wanted answers to. This was no West Memphis III or Tonya Craft case.
As an attorney, I am well able to review evidence and arguments and come to an unbiased conclusion. That conclusion is that Caylee was intentionally murdered by her narcissistic and entitled "mother".

Nice try
Posted by microfiche
11/26/2011, 11:39 PM

I'm not even sure if this woman did kill her child on purpose, but there's no logical way to portray her as a sympathetic figure. AT BEST she saw that her child was dead or nearly so and did nothing. Then bagged her dead body, loaded her into a car trunk, drove around for a while, rented a movie with her boyfriend, banged him all night, and then tossed her child in a swamp a few days later. This is the BEST case scenario of what went down. How does any man's dick not just shrivel up upon learning how shady and morally bankrupt this broad is? I have to agree with another posted: you MUST have a crush on the selfish, lying, thieving girl next door. There's not other way to explain this inept article.
Casey was the only one involved in whatever happened. I'm sure of that, if nothing else.

Posted by Rachel
11/26/2011, 11:48 PM

You are a ****** idiot!!!!!

Posted by US CITIZEN
11/27/2011, 12:07 AM

LMAO... the idiot haters are in the HOUSE!!

Mr. Long: thank you for having the courage to speak out regarless of the vicious attacks you must have already predicted. The very same spiteful people who disregard common sense in order to keep their hate free flowing. It's scary only in the respect that these people are teaching hate to our future generations.

The (silent) majority of American's agree completely with your article but choose to avoid the vicious attacks as demonstrated here in the comments, and across the internet. They think they're the emotionally stable ones... lol... It's like a bunch of piranhas in a feeding frenzy.

To Haters: don't waste your time bashing me as I don't care what you think and I don't respond to bullying... actually, I'm very entertained by your tactics...

Jury did their job (and very well might I add)! The verdict was not guilty so no matter how many times your say she's guilty or how loud you yell it, it won't change the not guilty verdict.

Posted by Jane
11/27/2011, 12:24 AM

Honestly, I never was very swayed by the partying pictures. I have kids and I don't know how I would react if one of them died. However, it makes NO sense to me that someone would take a child who drowned and dump her body in a swamp. Especially not a former cop. And the smell of decomposition was coming from Casey's car. There is no evidence against George. None. And as for all of Casey's friends saying what an amazing mother she was, I would argue that clearly NONE of them truly knew Casey. They had no idea she was pretending to have a job. They had no idea that she stole from her family and friends. And let's be serious, if you can't even hold down a job and provide for your daughter are you really an "amazing mother"? Should a 2-year-old be spending the night at your new boyfriend's house? I think it was an accident but as a result of Casey's negligence. That's why she didn't call 911, that's why she dumped Caylee in a swamp - because as much as Casey probably loved Caylee she loved herself more.

Posted by Suzanne
11/27/2011, 12:34 AM

What scares me as much as Casey Anthony killing her child, is that she has made an idiot out of u also. You seem to be educated, yet are obviously ignorant! Did u see the jailhouse video tapes?!!!!!! Yes that family was dysfunctional, but George had nothing to do with it, nor was he abusing Casey! The media along with everyone else knew she was guilty because of all the evidence! Baez is ****ing snake just like Casey! Those two knew if they played the abuse card, some idiots would fall for it! You r a fool, and I hope and pray u never get called for jury duty!

Posted by oceangreen
11/27/2011, 12:45 AM

I am not sure if Casey killed her daughter intentionally. but it is obvious that she didn't give a damn for her daughter's death. the proscutor didn't have a strong case against her for the murder of kaylee which I agree with jurers not to sentence her but she should have be held responsible for neglecting the wellbeing of kaylee.

Posted by US CITIZEN
11/27/2011, 12:51 AM

Suzanne: and it's obvious by your post that you are uneducated so you calling me ignorant gave me a good laugh. Considering the level of your nonsense comments, I will not even try to hold a rational discussion with you. I'm a guick learner and the one thing I've learned, you cannot teach the ignorant especially when they walk on the darkside full of hate. I also hope and pray that you are not called for jury duty because there are enough people being exonerationed for wrongful convictions based on emotions and ignorance.

Posted by
11/27/2011, 01:07 AM

US Citizen, Idiot haters in the house. You're the only idiot here besides Keith. You know Casey killed Caylee. You are a seriously disturbed attention whore. Or perhaps one of the moron jurors defending their unjust verdict. Go find Casey and live happily ever after. You deserve each other.

Posted by
11/27/2011, 01:42 AM

Shalom & Boker tov, Mr Long, and thank you...the profound tragedy of the vociferous stalking of her, iis that Ms Anthony is INNOCENT, and was saved from state-sanctioned murder by a formidable team of lawyers who believed in justice (Jose Baez, Ann Finnell, Lisabeth Fryer, Cheney Mason, Dorothy Clay Sims). There is NO evidence: no DNA, no fingerprints, no eyewitnesses, no weapons, no forensics ('smell' is not a scientific discipline). She partied, had sex (oh! the Victorian horror! sex!), lied to quota-driven police, wrote bad cheques (for which she is serving probation). NONE of this proves she abused, neglected, or murdered her daughter. She was in solitary confinement for 3 years, and is, now, having to live with the knowledge of knowing her daughter is gone, that the Queen of Grief Porn, and her knuckle-walking acolytes, want her murdered. She remains, however, INNOCENT (Mr Ashton of the prosecution should be disbarred for promulgating nonsense). Judge Perry's screeds are meaningless. The allegations are, likely, true against her father and/or brother. If anyone has evidence unknown to anyone on this planet -- I do not mean fantastic speculations -- then it should take it to Ms Anthony's legal team. Since there is no evidence, my advice is that the State of Florida should do everything to make restitution to Ms Anthony for something she DID NOT DO. It causes me, a Torah Jew, profound anguish to see an innocent woman being persecuted because of cryptofascist 'moral' posturing. To her, I say: Tzeth'a LeShalom VeShuvh'a LeShalom, Casey...go in completeness, return in completeness.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham.

responsible journalism
Posted by cal cat
11/27/2011, 01:51 AM

I hope Keith is not considered to be a part of the integrity this forum strives for because he obviously did not pay close attention to the trial or evidence in the Casey Anthony case. I paid no attention to the media hysterics surrounding the case but paid very close attention to the trial. Jane's arguments above clearly articulate why its ludicrous to call Casey Anthony an honest amazing mother. I agree people should leave the emotion out and focus only on the facts. Mr long, you do this forum a grave disservice.

re: Stephen Pickering
Posted by
11/27/2011, 02:16 AM

How do you explain three pieces of duct tape wrapped around that baby's mouth, wrapped in her own bedding, put in a laundry bag (matching one found in the home)placed in trash bags, thrown in the swamp 15 houses down. The smell of decomp in the trunk,the lies she told about Zanny taking her. No evidence? Really? It was a dry bones case. Of course no DNA. Circumstantial yes. All pointing to Casey. Casey should pay back the State of Florida, she cost the tax payers plenty, especially when Baez said in opening that Caylee was never missing and that she drowned(lies) I could go on Steve, the sad fact is there is a murdered baby here that will never get justice, her murderer walks free. So please don't say there was NO evidence, had I been a juror I would have given her 1st degree murder w/out DP.

No love for caley
Posted by Sante
11/27/2011, 03:50 AM

I believe that Casey is guilty of neglect. The little angel may have died accidentally, But then you make sure your gorgeous child get a proper barial, that is of course if you loved her.

No love for caley
Posted by Sante
11/27/2011, 03:50 AM

I believe that Casey is guilty of neglect. The little angel may have died accidentally, But then you make sure your gorgeous child get a proper barial, that is of course if you loved her.

Posted by The minority
11/27/2011, 04:13 AM

As I can see in the posts, YOU ARE COMPLETLY RIGHT !
Media "infected" so many peoples to convict C.A that those ones filled with angers are becoming those they hate after all.
Her father a well as her mother cannot tell "this truth" because it will incriminate them. That is why it turned out that way.
Sad story after all !

Posted by K Miller
11/27/2011, 04:16 AM

pathetic article

Posted by Tired
11/27/2011, 04:33 AM

RIP Caylee. You had a beautiful name, an adorable face and what should have been a sunny future was taken from you. Bashing her dysfunctional family will not vindicate your death. Those people that were responsible know who they are and they have to live with it for the rest of their lives. America mourns your senseless death.

Look at YOU
Posted by Allijade
11/27/2011, 05:05 AM

I agreed with your article unlike many others. Many of the comments on here have an EXTREMELY judgmental tone on here and much of the web period......

Did Casey kill Kaylee? I don't know and neither do any of YOU!!!!! Are more than half of the people guilty of a crime that they were not prosecuted and convicted/sentenced for? YES all of you have......

Yes it is absolutely AWFUL what happened to that child. If her mom killed her thats just as AWFUL. But the truth is, none of us know if she did and furthermore IF she did, I am pretty sure she is or has paid for it....... That's between her, our maker and her daughter. The justice in this is for her daughter, not for YOU, ME, or anyone else. So get a life people and look in your own mirror (the real one that shows a self reflection and not the glass house that you see other people thru.....)

Posted by Rob Pasq
11/27/2011, 07:19 AM

You are quick to believe the defense theory, almost entirely. Yet, this story came from someone who has proven herself to be a professional liar. Casey tells a story and you believe it? As farfetched as all the lies she told, these were the most laughable. Anyone who considers themselves even partly intelligent and can't see past this woman's deflection of guilt, by blaming her father and making accusations to free herself from responsibility of her daughters death, should really reconsider their own sanity. Obviously, you are not very good at what you do. I cannot imagine that anyone so gullible as to believe the stories this woman told could even be functional, let alone be successful.

Posted by stik.figga
11/27/2011, 07:30 AM

The jurors were not stupid. The prosecution was.

Do I believe Casey Anthony killed her daughter? Of course I do. But the prosecution FAILED to make its case for the charges it filed.

Had the prosecution not gone beyond the evidence they could present in court (and much evidence was ruled inadmissible before the trial even started) and opted for a slightly lesser charge (say 2nd degree murder) they would have adequately proven their case.

That is why the jury ruled that Casey Anthony lied to the police about what she did with Caylee's body after she had died. They knew Casey had killed her daughter. But they could not make the case that it was 1st degree murder.

And neither can anyone here. "Lacking remorse" is a character flaw, not a crime.

The prosecution screwed up a slam dunk. I hope the voters remember that when it comes time to replace their county's prosecutor.

get over it
Posted by jessica
11/27/2011, 07:42 AM

The court of public opinion is out of control. She was aquitted and for good reason. Its funny how the majority is allowed to have opinions but the minority gets bashed for having one. The bottom line is the majority in my opinion is worse than her. I am sure there were plenty of "educated" people on the jury they just didn't drink the medica koolaid like the rest of you

Posted by Shelley
11/27/2011, 07:54 AM

I attended the trial. This article is insane.

casey anthony
Posted by diana brandi
11/27/2011, 08:16 AM

I agree w you Keith,100%. George is the one with the big issues.I hope Casey is ok and doing well.I also came from a dysfunctional family and I'm thankful someone is finally sticking up for what's right.

Posted by Razzy
11/27/2011, 09:38 AM

Geez, you sure write a bunch of BS. Guess it's okay to you that this CONVICTED FELON, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, SKANK, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY partied her butt off during the days that her 2 year old daughter was "missing" (cough) & waited 31 days to say anything, and she didn't even report her, Cindy did. She lied to cops and everyone else what happened to Caylee and sat in her jail cell for 3 years stuffing her horse face with junk food, telling her Dad he was the best grandfather to Caylee and that she loved him. It's all on tape, not making it up. You say there is evidence that George disposed of Caylee, yet you don't say what that evidence is. Why....because there is no evidence that George did that. Also no evidence the baby drowned. I think you wrote this provocative piece so you can get some attention, plain and simple. Stop defending a baby killer, she doesn't give a rat's ass about you or anyone. This POS Casey cares only about herself and is thinking up ways to cashing in on murdering her child. She escaped justice, but she can't escape God. Her judgement day will come and I have a feeling, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Disgraceful "article".
Posted by fern
11/27/2011, 10:21 AM

Keith, you are an absolute disgrace. Cindy was caught red handed committing PERJURY for God's sake, there is NO evidence of any kind of molestation (why would Casey leave Caylee with a molestor?). This is the problem with self-proclaimed journalists. They often lack knowledge of anything but writing. Please leave psychology and common sense to people who understand it. Tv educated moron.

Posted by Kat
11/27/2011, 10:52 AM

Interesting how, with no evidence whatsoever, you accuse Mr. Anthony of heinous crimes. So, based on hearsay and flawed information you are castigating the man.

You missed a small point... not only was the child's body found in a swamp near the family home - the child was also tossed in a laundry bag which was then put in a garbage bag and the child's remains were found with DUCT TAPE on her face. Tiny little detail, I realize, as are other tiny little details like the impounded car and the smell of death in the car which both parents recognized as what it was.

The only point you seem to be correct on is that her family was dysfunctional.

I hope George sues you, and others like you, who slander him.

Posted by terri
11/27/2011, 11:01 AM

You are just as delusional as the Anthony's, Baez and the jury.

Posted by Erika
11/27/2011, 11:49 AM

To all who claim Casey is a liar. Being a liar does not make you a murderer. And, the media did a great job of convicting Casey without any solid evidence. I applaud the justice system for doing it's job. To all of you who sit around and watch these stupid court cases on t.v. and then presume to understand the law...go to law school. Please. Because if this was your azz on trial, you sure as hell would have hoped the jury wasn't subject to all the media bias that would have probably sent you to the electric chair. The prosecution couldn't prove their case period and the defense did a great job of theirs.

Deluded Part 2
Posted by NYC
11/27/2011, 12:21 PM

The prosecution made its case. And it did so quite well. Here is the problem, and the entire problem, with the verdict (which was not "innocent" it was "not guilty"):

The jury, as has been well documented, made of list of 200 DVDs they wanted to watch, they ordered snacks and had a special viewing of a ball game. However, when faced with forensic evidence, they asked NOT ONE SINGLE QUESTION. They went into the jury room and discussed their FEELINGS over the case. No examination of evidence, no readbacks of testimony and no NOT one single question about forensic evidence. That is the most telling fact about why this case turned into a travesty. The prosecution did its job...they worked YEARS getting evidence together and the jury bought J.B.'s sensational story that was never backed up. Not once.

Posted by Sag Coopersmith
11/27/2011, 12:48 PM

Keith Long, thanks for the article. I don't agree with it, but it is interesting nonetheless...you presented your ideas succinctly. I, too, wondered how such a pretty "nice" girl could possibly have done away with her own offspring. In the beginning (before I watched the trial) my position was that Caylee died in an accident and then Casey staged a cover up.

The trial made me understand, however, that Casey did not really feel the loss of her child..she seemed mostly to enjoy being part of her "dream team". The only sadness she showed was for herself (though she turned her head away when Caylee's skeleton was displayed in court). The trial showed us how happy Casey was with Caylee gone (Bella Vita!) It's a plain on the nose on everyone's face that Casey was very jealous of any attention given to Caylee (Casey's former fiance backs this up).

George would have absolutely no reason to throw his Grandchild (whom he very obviously loved) into the swamp down the street. I am not convinced that there was not incest in that family, but my suspicions lie mostly between Lee and Casey. You left Lee and his behavior out of your synopsis. Why didn't you blame him for the crime? After all, at the memorial Lee said (in code) that he would "keep his promise". If you are bent on Casey's innocence and someone else's guilt, how did Lee escape your crosshairs? I know..because George is the best "fall guy" because, unfortunately for him, he has the longer laundry list of misdeeds (like gambling and womanizing).

So, in conclusion, I am amused by your article, because you've set forth your ideas in a well written article, but no sale. All the bit about George is silly, because law enforcement had access to George constantly from the start. They thoroughly investigated and found nothing to charge him with.

Casey's "nice", she's cute, she's the girl next door....but all one has to do is listen to the jailhouse tapes. Casey's cold robotic answers about Caylee gave everyone a clear picture about how Casey really felt about Caylee. George loved Caylee and Casey did not. I'll give you this, this trial did indeed have too much coverage...but your argument that George tossed Caylee in the swamp is wishful thinking on your part. You can't rescue the princess. Nice try, though.

Posted by Kim
11/27/2011, 12:50 PM

Accidental drowning victims DO NOT end up thrown in a swamp in multiple bags with duct tape wrapped around their face so tightly that their mandible was still attached. Casey told lie after lie and sent police on wild goose chases to make sure Caylees body was not found. She allowed that child to rot in a swamp and be eaten by animals for 6 months over an accident? Common sense tells you that's insane. First she named a "nanny" did it to get the focus off her, then at trial it was her "dad" did it. Again this was all done to take the FOCUS off her. George did not lie about where Caylee was for 31 days, Casey did. George did not send police on wild goose chases looking for a nanny, Casey did. Georges car did not smell like death, Caseys did. Georges car did not have a death hair in it belonging to Caylee, Caseys did. Georges car did not have compounds of decompostition in it, Caseys did. Georges car did not have chloroform in it, Caseys did. The cadaver dogs did not hit on Georges trunk, it hit on Caseys trunk. George never saw the shirt caylee was found in, but there is a picture of Casey with Caylee wearing that shirt. Georges room wasn't full of heart stickers, like the one found at the crime scene, but Caseys was. The evidence was overwhelming against Casey and that jury was full of morons who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag.

Posted by Samantha
11/27/2011, 01:17 PM

Caseys story at trial is just that another story, another lie to add to her moutain of other lies. No evidence to back it up, all smoke and mirrors to lure the gullible to foucus on someone other than casey. No reason at all to hide an accident, then make sure you do everything to keep people from finding the victim you tossed in the woods. That defies logic and lacks common sense to even think a person would do that. Casey was happy Caylee was gone, and ample evidence was shown at trial to prove that fact. Georges suicide letter refutes he was involved. George was devestated Caylee was found dead and tried to kill himself. He questioned in his letter why Caylee was so close to home, but while Caylee was missing, there are pictures showing how happy Casey was, she was smiling with her boyfriend, getting tattoos, and entering hot body contests. Two different reactions to the death of Caylee, one (George) was devestated and didn't want to live anymore. Casey was partying, living it up, and doing things she could never do with Caylee. Hard evidence the jury ignored and instead they went with a fantasy that was not proven.

Posted by Ashely
11/27/2011, 01:41 PM

Were you on this jury? Where is the evidence George was involved? Did George keep Caylees wherabouts a secret for a month? Did George tell his friends, co-workers, and family about Caylee having such a wonderful time with a nanny for over a month, when in fact she was rotting in a swamp down the street from her home? Did George ditch a car that smelled like death? Did George tell the police Caylee was kidnapped by a nanny? Did George tell police he dropped Caylee off at the nannys before he went to work and when he came back they were gone? Did George borrow a shovel from his neighbor during this month? Did George take police to the nannys apartment? Did George take the police to his imaginary job looking for the nanny who worked there? Did George change his story at the trial or did his original story stay consistent? Everything Casey did told the story that she did not want Caylee found, she lied to her family, friends, police, and everyone who was trying to find Caylee. This is not what I would call a loving mother. A loving mother would be honest and want her daughter to have a proper burial not toss her in the woods. She killed her daughter and did everything possible to cover it up. The evidence is cystal clear to that fact.

She is guilty.
Posted by Christine
11/27/2011, 02:03 PM

Need to be more informed, ridiculous article. Same same as jurors. Casey Anthony is guilty.

Posted by Mona
11/27/2011, 02:08 PM

You sir are as ignorant and imcompetant as the jury was. The foreman said on tv while hidding who he was out of shame, that the prosecution didn't prove a crime was committed. They didn't show them how Caylee died. Really? If a mother not reporting her daughter missing, and keeping people from finding her body and the body is found in a swamp, hidden, stuffed in bags with duct tape wrapped around the skull didn't prove a crime was commited then I don't know what would in their minds. If Caylees skull wrapped in duct tape didn't show them how she died then I don't know what could have conviced this ignorant jury. Maybe they needed a video tape of the crime, but what we learned is all they really needed was a scape goat, and a story of an accident without any evidence to back it up. The jury seemed to wanna blame George also without one piece of evidence to back it up, but ignore the mountain of evidence against Casey, just like you did in this article. I am learning the ignorant walk amongst us.

re: re: Stephan Pickering
Posted by Stephan Pickering / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham
11/27/2011, 02:09 PM

Shalom & Boker tov...in response to the circuitous nonsense posted against me on 27 November: 1) there was a disarticulated skull, and NO evidence of duct tape on the mouth (there was no mouth at this point); 2) NO evidence the 'bedding' was placed there by Ms Anthony (no DNA, fingerprints, eyewitnesses, visual evidence); 3) NO evidence the 'laundry bag' was placed there by Ms Anthony (no DNA, fingerprints, eyewitnesses, visual evidence); 4) there is no science of 'smell'. You are projecting phantasies. Every word you write is an unncessary stain on silence and no-thing-ness. Moreover, in reading all of the anti-Casey Anthony screeds here, the discussion of truth stops prudently before the parallelism becomes close enough to yield logical and probable conclusions. Casey Anthony did NOT neglect or murder her child. My advice for the virulent fascisms expressed here -- one can see their hands turning white as they grip their chairs in sadistic rage -- is two fold: either voluntary euthanasia (before you are actually in a position to murder someone while on a jury), or silencing yourself. The trial documents are accessible for researchers (some are sealed), and, reading them, one reaches a conclusion I maintain: I believe Mr Anthony either accidentally, or deliberately, was responsible for the child's drowning; and that Ms Anthony's mind 'collapsed' upon discovering the facts. For 3 years, in solitary confinement, she was able to piece herself together; her legal team was aware of Ms Anthony's remarkable ability to analyse legal documents, and help in her own defense. Mr Mason can attest to that, in particular.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

Posted by Nancy
11/27/2011, 02:23 PM

If Caylee drowned then why not call 911 and try to save your child? Why not seek medical help for her? Why no proper good bye and funeral? Why bag her up, duct tape her skull, throw her in your trunk, then hide the body by tossing her in the swamp and lie about it for months? Why blame a nanny? Why blame her father? Why take no responsibility for the death of your daughter and put the blame on multiple people? Nope, didn't happen, this was a murder and a cover up of that murder. I see common sense isn't so common.

Steve, Steve, Steve
Posted by
11/27/2011, 02:37 PM

You really think that everyone that thinks Casey is guilty is full of hate and rage. The only one clutching anything until their knuckles turn white is you. You can argue your fiction theory all you want. I don't get angry, am highly amused at your ignorance. In fact I chuckle out loud. You, Keith, Baez and company are jokers, keep it coming, I enjoy a good laugh :)

Posted by Karen
11/27/2011, 02:42 PM

Murderers DO NOT commit their crime with an eye witness. They do it in secret, they dispose of the body in secret. No one usually SEES them do it, or sees them DISPOSE of the body, that doesn't mean THEY DID NOT DO IT. If it was a drowning it would BE EASY TO PROVE if Casey called 911 to help her daughter. She DID NOT call 911 cuz it was NO ACCIDENTAL DROWING AND WOULD HAVE BEEN PROVEN. Casey lied and let Caylee lie in that swamp for 6 months SO NO EVIDENCE OF DNA, FINGERPRINTS would be found. Caylee was BONES! No tissue was left to find a cause of death. The duct tape was deteriorated by the elements. And Caylees MANDIBLE was still attached to her skull and that proves WITHOUT A DOUBT it was attached to her MOUTH AND NOSE BEFORE SHE DECOMPOSED. So, we should all give Casey a pass cuz she hid the body so good, lied for months to stop everyone from finding her daughters body? Every piece of evidence found at the crime scence is linked back to CASEY AND ONLY CASEY! Casey is the ONLY ONE who lied and lied to throw everyone off and make people believe Caylee was kidnaped. By Caseys own defense she knew Caylee was dead, led people to believe she was kidnapped and was complicit in a cover up and tossing of her daughters body. Wow, and this jury finds her not guilty of all charges in her daughters death.

Posted by Barb
11/27/2011, 02:55 PM

Why do some people want to ignore that Caylees mandible was still attached to her skull? That manible was still in place and could have only stayed in that position if the duct tape was holding it there. The duct tape would have had to be placed in the postition of the nose and mouth to hold that manible in its correct position. If the duct tape was not around her nose and mouth then the manible would have been separtated from the skull. It was not separtated it was still attached because it was being held there by the duct tape that was still stuck to her hair. The duct tape might have been able to be disputed but it was the mandible still being attached to the skull that told the position of the duct tape before death. The only placement would be over the nose and mouth!! That was hard evidence of murder and cannot be disputed no matter how hard you try.

Posted by Veronica
11/27/2011, 03:05 PM

The writter of this article has to be related to someone on Caseys jury because the ignorance is beyond comprehension. No one makes an accident look like a murder!

Posted by marie
11/27/2011, 03:05 PM

@Anna, what evidence do you have that "the "drowning" was to her defense team psychologists and it varied greatly from what her attorneys claimed at trial? Are you aware that she inferred it was no accident but that her father actually purposefully drowned Caylee?" Last I heard that was only stated in the Jeff Ashton book. The Jeff Ashton book is a bunch of bull. He makes everyone beside himself, Linda, and George out to be the bad guy.

Posted by Renee
11/27/2011, 03:32 PM

JESSICA....You say many drank the medias koolaid. Well, I beg it differ, it seems like you have been gulping the defenses koolaid, because there is not one piece of evidence that says this was an accident, but multiple pieces of evidence that screams murder. No mother would throw their daughter in a swamp after she drowned and then lead everyone to believe she was kidnapped and even name a babysitter she dropped her off with. Not gonna happen. I'm a mother of four and I would have been frantic if I found one of my children in the pool, I would have called 911 and screamed at paramedics to save them, bring them back, try harder, don't let them die. I wouldn't have stuffed them in bags, put them in the trunk and tossed them in a swampy, dark, nasty place then make up a kidnapping story. Would you?

Posted by Tammy
11/27/2011, 03:36 PM

Good grief.....I thought the 12 ignorant fools were the most incompetant people on earth, but you proved me wrong. Scary world we live in if some think a mother would toss her daughter who drowned in a swamp and convince the world her daughter was kidnapped. Send police looking for her daughter when she knew where she was the whole time and just left her there to rot. yep, that's what all loving, good mother do.....NOT!

Posted by ibjonnyc
11/27/2011, 03:42 PM

OOPSIE Mr. Long. You can't go spouting truths on here to people. You are just preaching to those that had already had their minds made up before the trial that Casey was guilty. The constant harping by the media has always been my problem with this case as well. You write a good article though you will be lambasted for it by those who were basically brainwashed by the media from the outset.The 12 sequestered from the media saw it your way,The rest that wasn't saw it the media's way. Simple as that. Anyone with an ounce of logic can see the media formed the public's opinion because they have the power over people's minds to do that.You would think people would be upset about that fact but all you have to do is dangle the Casey Carrot in front of the Kool-Aid drinkers faces.

Posted by Peggy
11/27/2011, 03:59 PM

It was not the media who convinced me that Casey was guilty of killing her daughter it was the EVIDENCE! The media believed it also, as did most thinking people with common sense who could put the pieces together and come to a conclusion. Non thinking people will believe a story with no evidence to back in up, and ignore the actual evidence that said this was a murder and cover up. What I call people like you is gullible.

OOPSIE ibjonnyc
Posted by
11/27/2011, 04:05 PM

Why blame the media? The media DID NOT kill Caylee. The media DID NOT convince me of Casey's guilt... the evidence and her actions alone did that.

Posted by sally
11/27/2011, 04:11 PM

Guess what ibjonnyc? I think for myself as do many others they do not think Casey is guilty because of the media. It was the actual overwhelming evidence at trial that convinced most logical thinkers Casey was guilty of killing her daughter Caylee. Where is the evidence the defense presented to prove this was an accidental drowing? Did Casey take the stand and state it was an accident? George denied baez fairy tale on the stand. All I saw was Caylee climbing up a pool ladder with help, that proved nothing. They could have shown a picture of her standing in the street but that wouldn't have proven she was hit by a car.

Posted by Francis
11/27/2011, 04:24 PM

The ignorant jury also put George Anthony on trial and ignored all Caseys lies, behavior, and forensics in her trunk. You know cuz that don't prove how caylee died or that a crime was committed. Logical thinkers this jury was not. I guess this is how the jury would have reacted to their child drowing, just toss them in a swamp and lie about them being kidnapped. The jury not only had no common sense, but they also had no moral compass, or ethics. People who condone Caseys behavior and try to excuse it show what type of morals they have. Disgusting artcile!!

waste of time
Posted by Autumn
11/27/2011, 04:40 PM

I love how god created stupid people such as yourself. I just wasted about 10 mins of my time reading your crappy opinion of how you think shes not guilty howww would you even know, and why blame things on her father? because shes pretty? well good looking people do some of the awfulest crimes!!! start thinking with you brain and not your private parts....
Poor Caylee.

the george did it- idea
Posted by from an anthony relative
11/27/2011, 04:59 PM

If George did what she said he did, then why has Casey not come forward to tell her story, like say, jaycee dugard has done? The world has been very sympathetic and would be very sympathetic with true stories of horrific abuse. But of course, if they sense manipulation on the part of the self professed victim, there would be no limit to the public's disdain. True victims, who have been given the courage to come forth and speak about the horrors they have been subjected to, want to speak publicly and share their story, because they know people will recognize the truth when they hear it. If she has been telling the truth, where is she?

Posted by Gloria H. Whittier M.S.ED
11/27/2011, 05:12 PM

Yes, and the Pope is a Mormon,makes as much sense as your dribble! I know a very capable counselor that I could refer you for the help you need! (Sent an e-mail but not sure you will get it, so a follow-up is always good.

Posted by MaKynnli
11/27/2011, 05:15 PM

This is the verdict you get when you put uneducated, moraless, incompetent fools on a jury. Not to mention over half of them had criminal records including Jennifer Ford who yapped her idiotic theories all over the news with no evidence to back it up, just like this article. This had to be written by a juror, because even Jose Baez wouldn't have the guts to accuse George outside of court or he could be sued.

Posted by Maggie
11/27/2011, 05:29 PM

I served on a jury that was a murder of a young man by his bestfriend. The defense was... it was an accident. To make a long story short. The boy charged told police the victim left his house to go home around midnight (after his family reported him missing). The boys body wasn't found for a year an a half. No cause of death, just some bones buried in the dessert found by hikers later identified by dna. The defendant in this case did take the stand and state it was an accident (they were playing with a gun and it just went off) and he got scared. But his original story to cops was the boy left his house to go home and he never saw him again. Lets just say we REJECTED the defense, because this young man changed his story. If it was an accident he should have called 911 and not lied about what happened. To us jury memebers we could not just believe "accident" cuz he said so. Not to mention the fact that he let his best friends family suffer for over a year in a half thinking he may still be alive. We found the defendant guilty and if he wanted us to believe it was an accident he should have told the police that in the beginnning. The changing of his story worked against him and made us question all his stories. Casey didnt even testify so I dont even understand how the jury could consider an accident. The jurors are told what the lawyers say are not evidence, so where else did this accident come from? This jury did not understand the law, or follow the judges instructions. It's truly a shame.

jennifer ford
Posted by stick with facts
11/27/2011, 05:30 PM

Jennifer ford, juror #2 I believe, maybe many things, not the sharpest tool in the shed, unable to follow the trajectory of the Casey Anthony case and, inept. But, she is not a felon. Some people who hated this jury,s verdict have persisted in sending this misinformation around. They got the wrong Jennifer Ford who was convicted of a felony or something. We do not need to be associated with spreading mistruths about this incompetent jury.

Posted by Erica
11/27/2011, 05:42 PM

Boy someone has been drinking the Casey Anthony and Jose Baez Koolaid. This was no accidet, remember Casey said she dropped Caylee off at the nannys and when she went to pick Caylee up they were gone. Where is the evidence of an accident? Casey never said that now did she?

Idiocy Rules and Nancy DisGrace is Queen!
Posted by Nick
11/27/2011, 06:34 PM

Your article proves again the biggest problem our society faces: We are a nation of zombies who believe whatever the media tells us and are totally unable to think for ourselves. It scares me the people who reacted so negatively to your story are allowed to vote. Idiocy rules and Nancy DisGrace is Queen.

Posted by Georgia
11/27/2011, 06:43 PM

Why would anyone cover up an accidental drowning? What would be the point? I see the 12 incompetent ones had company in their lack of critical thinking skills.

Posted by Tanya
11/27/2011, 06:54 PM

Casey got away with murderering her daughter because she had a jury that didn't have the required skills to shift through the defenses bull crap. They took an opening statement by Jose Baez as fact and used that in their deliberations. They disregarded all of Georges testimony because of an opening statement that made him look suspicious to the jury. Even with the fact that Georges statement three years earlier was the same as he stated on the witness stand and it was consistent with the statement Casey gave to the police originally. She left the house to go to work and she dropped Caylee off at the babysitters. How the jury turned George into the villian is beyond me, this man tried to kill himself when they found his granddaughter dead, his grief was aparent and on display in his suicide letter. Casey never grieved but instead she celebrated. How the jury missed all that is beyond comprehension. It makes them look really incompetent to find her not guilty. The facts are the facts.

because i know more than most
Posted by an anthony relative
11/27/2011, 08:03 PM

Both sides of this case claim the opposition to be full of hate and ruled by emotion. Having been present at trial for the full duration, including what the jury had to leave the room for, it boggles the mind how some people can blame what happened to caylee, on George. The Orlando police thoroughly investigated George Anthony and he was completely ruled out as a suspect. How is it, that people like Keith long are willing to discredit themselves so easily by aligning themselves with Casey anthonys defense team's desperate measures. Yes, the Florida bar investigation is moving forward on Mr Jose baez and we shall all be able to see him regret the day Casey signed on as his client. But I would love to hear Mr long put forth not just editorial and words crafted to try and sway public opinion, but articulate the exact evidence that proves his George guilty, Casey innocent, theory that does not simply regurgitate Jose baez' opening statement. Taking into consideration that judge Perry would not allow abuse theory into closing because no evidence or proof was ever presented. Unlike what was promised.

The jury were guilty of follow the leader.....
Posted by Incredulous
11/27/2011, 08:23 PM

This article is beyond stupid. It is Casey Anthony Jury dumb. The jury conformed and complied with the group vibe. They formed a group bond that led to a lack of justice for a murdered child and the smug freedom of her maniac mother.

The trial was a circus and the judge bent over way too far to accommodate the Defense's ridiculous antics. The jury failed to examine the evidence and failed to understand the law.

Never have I disliked a group of people more. Casey Anthony lied, lied, lied, lied and lied some more. She will always be a liar. The majority of the public hold her to account for her actions. Her freedom will not set her free.

facts are wrong - the whole article is crap
Posted by one who knows
11/27/2011, 08:34 PM

I hate when people write articles when they clearly don't know what they are talking about and just make crap up. I stopped reading when you wrote Amy H said the felon was an amazing mom. Amy never said that -- it was Mallory Parker, a minion who wants to marry into this wackjob family.

They got it right!
Posted by Michelle
11/27/2011, 08:49 PM

I watched every minute of that trial. I told my husband if they found her guilty I would start protesting the death penalty. I was sick thinking they were going to find her guilty and was ready to give up on the justice system. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE!! Thank goodness we don't convict in the court of public opinion, especially death penalty cases.

Posted by Brenda
11/27/2011, 08:56 PM

HEY NICK!! Were a nation of Zombies? We believe what the media tells us? WRONG!! We believed what Casey Anthony told us, she told the whole country that CAYLEE WAS KIDNAPPED and had everyone searching for a nanny who didn't exist, and EVERYONE was trying to find her daughter that she didn't seem to wanna find. Until her story fell apart and it was proven she was partying while her daughter was missing and there was no nanny did people start questioning her lies and wondering if Caylee was even alive. Her idiot attorney Jose was all over the news also stating Caylee was alive and kidnapped, but they changed that story to an accident at the trial, which outraged everyone who had to put up with their nanny lies for three years when they both knew Caylee was dead and knew where she was. Who does that? Someone trying to cover up a crime they committed and don't wanna be caught and punished. So, speak for yourself NICK you may by the crappy drowning, and george did it story but others with intellegence won't even consider it. That is called THINKING FOR OURSELVES.

11/27/2011, 09:06 PM

I hope your family is never a victim of crime and depend on a jury to give your family justice. You think a kidnapping lie, decomp in caseys trunk, cadaveer dogs hitting on the trunk, chloroform in the trunk, searches for how to make that on caseys computer are not evidence? How about the victim last seen with Casey, and found dead, hidden in a swamp with duct tape wrapped around her head and stuffed in garbage bags. Wow!! You must be an incompetent juror to even state something so ignorant!

Posted by Helen
11/27/2011, 09:20 PM

It wouldn't have mattered if this jury was sequestered or not. They were a bunch of sheep led astray by the big ignorant incompetent one. The jury foreman led them all by the nose and they followed foolishly.

anthony relative
Posted by
11/27/2011, 09:28 PM

To anthony relative:
Really, you know what ALL true victims would do? Wow! As a survivor of familial molestation myself, I sure don't think you should speak for ALL... very offensive! Jaycee Dugard was abducted, held captive and violated by a stranger but has a mother who stood by her providing a stable emotionally healthy support system allowing her to stand strong.

I grew up with a mother just like Cindy. There is no support system there unless it's on her terms. Casey, like me, was violated within her own family. There's a whole different set of dynamics when the molester is within your own famly but made worse when your own mother turns a blind eye and makes lame exuses.

You are a prime example of why Casey wasn't protected within her own family. You're attitude shows exactly why she could never come to any of you for help. Additionally, why does she need to explain her self to you or anyone else? Other than to save her life from the death penalty, I'm sure she would never have wanted this revealed to the world. There is so much shame held inside by victim of familial molestation.

Who would expose their already fragile psychy to this type of lynch mob mentality displayed in this comment section.

Posted by Chelsie
11/27/2011, 09:41 PM

This drowning story and George covered it up is just ridiculous and if an average person actually used their brain and thought it out they would conclude it's just that, another story created to get the focus off of Casey. To believe this drowning theory, you would have to believe all the detectives on this case, the police, and investigators were all lying. You would have to believe the cadaveer dogs got it wrong when they hit on the trunk of Caseys car. You would have to beleive the medical examier is incompetent when she stated this was a homicide. You would have to believe the hair examiners were incompetent when they stated there was a hair of caylees in the trunk with a deathband on it. You would have to believe Dr. Arpad Vass got it wrong when he found decompostiton fluids and chloroform in the trunk of Caseys car. You would have to think the computer expert is incompetent when he found searches on Caseys computer on how to make chloroform. You would have to think Cindys employers where liars when they stated Cindy was at work when these searches were made. You would have to believe someone forged Cindys time card at work to make it look like she was at work when the searches were made. You would have to believe someone found a dead body and wrapped duct tape on the head for a reward. You would have to believe George would bag up his granddaughter after she accidentally drowned and throw her in the woods and not call 911 to help save his granddaughter who he loved more than anything. You would have to believe Georges suicide was all staged. You would have to believe a father would say nothing while his daughter faced the death penalty over just an accident. Get real, anyone who buys accident, and George is involved is INCOMPETENT and justly deserves that title.

Posted by Carol
11/27/2011, 09:51 PM

Casey is a proven and convicted liar, how can you believe anything she says? She wrote in her jail house letters that Lee was the one who molested her, and maybe her father did to, she had a dream. That all morphed into a penis in her mouth at age 13 and molestation starting at age 8. Graphic, disgusting vile things said against George by Jose Baez without one ounce of evidence to back it up, except from a know liar. I hope Jose is disbarred he is beyond vile and the world has no use for an attorney like him. He is a bottom feeder and his client is a baby killer.

Posted by Teressa
11/27/2011, 09:57 PM

Let's say Casey was molested (not that I believe that for a minute) but lets say she was. Why would being molested excuse her from being responsible for her daughters death? How would that excuse the lies and leading the police on wild goose chases looking for a nanny who kidnapped her daughter? How would that excuse her from throwing her child out like trash, and letting her rot and be eaten by animals while she partied, got tattoos, and slept with her boyfriend? How would being molested explain her cold attitude towards people trying to find Caylee? Her attitude of only wanting Tonys phone number and pissed that all her parents wanted was Caylee back? This molestation thing was all a red herring that was never proved but that incompetent jury held on to and looked at George suspiciously. It did exactly what Jose was hoping it would do, but the intellegent people of this world saw right through that bull crap.

Posted by an anthony relative
11/27/2011, 09:58 PM

Casey Anthony clearly has the support system now that her, as you put it, fragile psyche so desperately needed. It's called Jose baez et al.
Regardless of what the myriad anonymous out there who automatically think and judge Casey innocent because she played the abuse card, she now has plenty of support and if she was really truly innocent she would be chomping at the Bit to tell on daddy via Diane sawyer or someone of that ilk. (But of course Diane wouldneed something that would prove this accusation as more than just opportunistic). I feel sorry for the many authentic and true survivors of abuse out there who fellfor this lie. Casey has used you and it will come out, I promise you that.

Posted by Wanda
11/27/2011, 10:06 PM

This article was written by a Jose Baez lover. How in the world can anyone think this was an accident? Caseys behavior alone disputes that fact! She was happy and lovin life that Caylee was gone and it was all caught and documented in photos. George being involved is disputed by his attempted suicide and the letter he left behind. The police found him distraught, and drugged in a hotel room and sent him to the hospital for treatment. Good lord, if the police wouldn't have found George in time this slimy defense team would have said he killed himself because he killed Caylee, and he couldn't have defended himself. The defense, especially Jose Baez is that evil and would have done that in a heart beat.

Posted by Lora
11/27/2011, 10:12 PM

I think its comical that the defense is still trying to spin this accident and George was involved story to sway public opinion. The most comical thing about this is the defense team is stuck with Casey now. They have to support her, feed her, cloth her, house her, and hide her. She is not the cash cow that they thought she would be. When she was found not guilty the outrage prevented them all from cashing in. Now, that is Karma!

anthony relative
Posted by
11/27/2011, 10:28 PM

anthony relative: each time you speak, it further explains the lack of love and potection Casey had within her family! Years of abuse as a child is not undone over night. Even Jaycee Dugard went into hiding for therapy before speaking out. There's rarely evidence to support the victims of familial molestation and most of the victims don't speak out for years. In my case, I was mid-30s.

Although her attorney's are a great emotionally stable support system, it does not replace the love and support of your own family. I'm glad she finally has a support system.

I can only speak for my self but I recognized the signs of abuse long before it was revealed publicly so I didn't fall for anything. I had a lot of the same self-destructive behaviors as a young angry adult. It's with maturity and time away from my family before I was able to stop self-destructing.

Oh, I also believe the truth will come out but I have faith it's wont support your hard stance. Not everyone will believe it but that's okay. I know when I finally revealed my trauma to the rest of my family, it didn't matter if I was believed but it was very healing for me wihtin. The truth is powerful and it will also heal Casey in time.

Posted by Jeanne
11/27/2011, 10:31 PM

It is true that looking into family dynamics can be tricky. Having read and followed this story for so long,I find that I think the following. Casey Anthony is a young, very intelligent person. If she was abused as a child, she is now an adult. She obviously knows how to seek help. She chose to cling to her parents, and family and to take advantage of them because she did not have the gumption to get out and make it on her own.
She got pregnant and had a baby. Her parents accepted that baby and basically asked no questions. They loved the little girl and doted on her. They would do anything for the baby, but eventually all parents get tired of being taken advantage of. That does not mean they will condone child abuse and hide a murder. Caylee became some sort of object between Cindy and Casey, to be tugged back and forth. Cindy wanted Casey to start acting as a mother should, and threatened Casey with a custody battle. Instead of Casey reacting as a good mother should, she chose to show her Mother (Cindy) that she could have the upper hand. Unfortunately Casey did not respond as most mothers would. Were I in Cindy's shoes, I would have been pretty much the same. I have read the book by Ablow and all I have to say is that there are a lot of people out there who don't always do the right things for their children, who may be controlling and ineffective as parents, but that does not give their children they raise the cart blanche to go out, do the worst and them blame their parents for all the things they do.

Keith is an idiot
Posted by Zanny
11/27/2011, 11:37 PM

You need help. Serious help...go find that ugly whore who murdered her child...whats her name again? Oh yeah casey anthony and visit the psych ward. This article has got to be a joke...jose baez and casey skank must have paid this moron to write this or better yet drugged him just like casey did to caylee. Unbelieveble...george had nothingggggggggg to dowith the death of little caylee, his daughter did and if you had half a brain you could figure that one out.

Posted by Lori
11/27/2011, 11:43 PM

You sir writing this article are a MORON!

Don't listen to them
Posted by KJ
11/28/2011, 12:34 AM

Don't listen to these people who have been exposed to the hatred that the media has become. They make tons of money off of sensationalism why do you think tabloids are still in business? I think your article is very well thought out and intellectual. I do believe that we need to discuss the way the media covered this case and how the media is on the verge if not already infringing on our legal rights. I think the saddest part of this whole thing is the fact that people have watched so much of HLN's coverage that they have begun to exhibit the same hatred. Hatred towards those that disagree, hatred towards those that are different from them. Mitchell always says on her show Issues that we need to talk about things and discuss them in order to learn from them, but it seems like the people on here, the viewers don't want discussion they want blood. They go out and buy Jeff Ashton's book, watch the news reports, feed into everything everyone says instead of looking at both sides and realizing that there are always 2 sides to a story. These people are nothing but hate mongers. They feed off of hate and bullying and get a real kick. I hope that they are all happy boycotting Casey Anthony, who hasn't made any money off the death of her daughter, but they love the other people, like Nancy Grace, and Jeff Ashton. Did you know that before Casey Anthony HLN was going to have to downsize because it was losing money? You don't care because you are a narrow-minded, hate-filled bully, hypocrit. Keith, I give you much respect for saying your opinion in the face of ignorant people. Thomas Jefferson once said: The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. The media ruined this case for millions of people, they can't see that they are sheep, and they use hateful words to cover up their internal hissy fit. You are a good example to others. Where would we be if people didn't stand up for what they believe in? People should be cautious about media sensationalism. They could be next it only takes one journalist to say this case is gold. You could be their next meal ticket. Casey Jordan once said during the trial coverage that we need a professional jury, so I hope you all are okay with losing your Constitutional rights because those are the people you are agreeing with. I know that I don't want to be tried by popular opinion, I'm out of high school and would rather not go back.

Posted by KJ your the sheep
11/28/2011, 12:59 AM

KJ.... The media didn't tell me that Casey didn't report her child missing for 31 days. I learned that during the trial when her police statement was introduced into evidence. The media didn't tell me Casey was celebrating not having Caylee in her life anymore, the pictures entered as evidence in the trial told me that. I also learned in the trial that Casey did everything she could to prevent people from finding her daughter, that was testified to by many investigators. Dr. Vass told me there was decompostition in the trunk of Caseys car. Multiple people testified that they smelled death in the trunk of her car, many experienced police detectives, investigators, and lay people smelled it. Dr. Vass told me about the high level of chloroform in the trunk of the car. I choose to believe him because he is a scientist and has no reason to lie, the choloform was also directly linked to the Anthony computer with searches for how to make it, testified to by a computer expert. I could go on and on... You can choose to ignore this evidence and "speculate" accident and molestation if you want just like Jennifer Ford when she stated that she thinks "george" was there when caylee died. I don't have any idea how the heck she came up with that because the only one who stated that was Jose Baez in his opening statement and that was not evidence and could not be considered. George denied it, and no evidence was introduced to state he was, in fact his work records and phone pings and suicide letter refutes that theory. So, to say the media influenced peoples opinions of the trial is false and your just trying to make excuses for the outrage. The jury was actually the sheep, they just went along with the ignorant bullies on that jury and only started talking after people were calling them incompetent and angry at them. Then they tried to justify it by stating Jose Baez opening statement almost word for word. When that outraged people more they blamed the prosecution, and tried to say how sick they were reaching that verdict. That proves they were the sheep.

Irateness of the public
Posted by seeing
11/28/2011, 01:09 AM

My irateness and opinion of Casey's guilt was not based on anything the media said or did. It was and is based on the official documents and the evidence (yes, I said evidence) produced at trial.

I know from personal experience how inaccurate the media is 99.9% of the time, and I would never base any opinion on a media source. I'm certainly going to take this article published in the media with a whole box of salt.

Posted by Rylee
11/28/2011, 01:12 AM

Casey is guilty of killing her daughter and no one will make me think otherwise. The evidence against her was overwhelming and the defense was pathetic, disjointed and didn't make any sense. Sad to see some think it's reasonable to not call 911 when you find your child in the pool, instead you bind them in duct tape, bag them up in multiple bags, put the child in the trunk and drive around for 2-3 days, then you throw that body in a swamp hoping it's never found. Then you go party and live the beautiful life, no biggie your daughter just drowned and is dead. You then lie your ass of and send everyone is directions that prevent them from find your daughters dead body. You blame a nanny, then your own father when the first story was found to be false. If that sounds reasonable to anyone, they need to seek help. The doubt you have when reaching a verdict must be reasonable, and cannot be just an opening statement by a defense attorney that was never proven. This jury was beyond incompetent.

Posted by vada
11/28/2011, 01:20 AM

Did Jose Baez pay you to write this nonsense? No reasonable intelligent person is going to believe this was an accident after seeing all the evidence. The case screams murder, not accident. Only a ignorant fool would believe it was an accident.

Posted by Floridasux
11/28/2011, 02:38 AM

All you ppl who think she is innocent are idiots. Freaking idiots. The jury did do their job. However, Casey is guilty. She is a lazy selfish, little girl! She will pay one day for what she had done to her baby and her family. She is a screwed up individual. I listened to the same trial that everyone else did. I didnt watch Geraldo, or Nancy Grace ir any of that other trash they call tv. I watched from the orlando website everyday and if i were a juror i would have found her gulity. All you tards, just bury your heads in the sand.

Words of encouragement from ME!
Posted by Casey
11/28/2011, 03:29 AM

I had to comment. Lets talk about the drowning...what evidence showed that Caylee died from drowning? Oh yeah...Casey said she did. She could of also said a black man stole her car, and kidnapped Casey, then left her in the trunk to rot. When the smell became intolerable, he dumped Caylee in the woods near Caseys house, then abandoned the car at a gas station. Sounds good to me!! Wait, I think Susan Smith already used this one.

Hmmmm, ok...lets go back to the drowning, or was it the babysitter kidnapped her?

In Casey's mind...

I wont think about it today...because I have to show the detectives where I work...ok, I dont work, just kidding!! The babysitter doesnt live there? What? She must of moved! Her phone is off? Shucks, imagine that!

I think my father might of molested me when I was 8 years old. That caused me to be unstable, and therefore when Caylee drowned, my father was so overridden with guilt, he dumped Caylee in the woods for me, and I went to Tony's and we had sex all night long, whats wrong with that? A girl has her needs...

Im so glad no one asked any questions about how Caylee got into the pool, or where was I at when she drowned, or what time she drowned, we just left that up in the air...kinda...but Biaz handled that for me. Thank God not one asked how long she was IN the pool, before we found her...really...I cant believe the jury bought it.

I'm free!!! Because of double-jeopardy, I will always remain free. No OJ here folks, he is such a fool. Im such a good liar, and look for my new book...I promise it will be exciting and I will use my imagination to JUICE it up! You know I got it in me! I always wanted to write a book, and now that I have a platform, and a audience (smile!) it will be a best seller.

I want to thank the ******* jury for believing my lies, why...I think I want to be an actress, well, I am already famous...so it would be easy. People love me...look at the writer of this article!

Cant wait to have another baby. I think Im more mature now. The hell with my parents, I never want to see them again. Its all about me, always has been about me, and will be forever about me...and Biaz...you **** me over, and I will admit that it was your idea to say that Caylee drowned.

Until next time!!! Bella vita!

Posted by Citizen of Pinellas
11/28/2011, 03:31 AM

Think about it. There is ONLY ONE reason why anyone would hide a body & keep their mouth shut for 31 days. Only one! The longer it took to find the body, the less likely they would find any viable evidence on the body.
Casey was protecting herself. And it worked. But... karma is a beach.

Posted by Logic
11/28/2011, 08:12 AM

I read comments such as those posted by American Citizen and Kj, and I'm baffled how a highshool dropput who clearly by his writing has the intelectual skills of perhaps a middle school student, has the nerves to call other people ignorant. Also there's American Citizen who believes himself to be smarter than most people here, who states that justice was served and that the jury did their job. The truth sir, is that NO THEY DIDN"T, forget about the deat penaly or the first degree murder charge. Let's focus on the never reporting to anyone that the child was missing, (let's not forget it was Cindy not Casey who called it in) also the 6 months of lying saying that the nanny had taken Caylee and that she had spoken with her several times including the day that the first 911 call was made. What about the fact that she claimed to have been searching for her in parties and clubs? The decomposed body in the trunk? the hair with sings of decomposition? the searching of death, chloroform, neck breaking techniques on Casey's computer, the disposing of the body in a trashbag in the woods, this was more than enought for at least manslaughter, and definitely more than enough for agravated child abuse. So don't sit here insulting people and praising a jury who did not even take the time to view evidence or discuss the case, they were out of there in less than 11 hours. They failed. Also don't fe a fool and call Casey an outstanding mother and a sympathetic mother as well. That is just absurd, this woman took the remains of her only child and dumped her in the woods in a trash bag, and then went to a party with her friends and had sex with an ex on the same night she killed her daughter, this woman partied hard for the whole month while her daughter decomposed in a bag, in the mean time she stole from friends and family and managed to get a tatoo celebrating her new life. Ans if you review her jail interviews you can see how in each one of them, she always found a way to go from Caylee missing to Casey the victim. To keith i suggest you do more research before you post something as retarded as this, and to Caylee's suporters AMERICAN CITIZEN and KJ, yes you have the write to express yourselves, but do it in a manner that doesn't portray you as ignorant fools, because it's obvious that you know not, what you're talking about.
For igonrant jerks like the 3 of you, is the reason that that little girl will never get the justice, she so much deserved.

Posted by susie
11/28/2011, 10:02 AM

Why wouldn't you call 911 if your daughter was found in the pool? Why hide the body of your daughter if she drowned by accident? Why tell people for over a month that Caylee is having such a great time with the nanny, to explain away why Caylee hasn't been with you? Why tell police the nanny kidnapped her? Why send police looking for a nanny and a live Caylee when you knew she was dead and where she was? I tell you why, because this got all the focus off of Casey and sent police in the wrong direction while Caylee decomposed so much that all evidence of cause of death, dna, fingerprints were gone. To find Casey not guilty of murder just because you didn't know how Caylee died is not only criminal it's a bad message to send. It tells murderers that if you lie, send police in opposite directions until the body has no evidence left, you go free. Nice message, ignorant jury. Just hide your victim, send police on wild goose chases, claim accident, molestation without offering any proof and you go free cause no one can tell you HOW CAYLEE DIED! How about holding that against the person who sent police everywhere except where Caylee would be found? It is because of Caseys lies that no one KNEW HOW CAYLEE DIED she made sure of that! STUPID INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!

Posted by Carmen
11/28/2011, 11:01 AM

This article outrages me just as much as those ignorant jurors do! I'm still dumbfounded by the incompetence of this jury. Let's take alternate Russ for example, who almost stated Jose Baez opening statement word for word when explaining why the jury found Casey not guilty. He stated this was an accident by a dysfunctional family and that's how they handled it, it was an accident that just snowballed. Whe he was questioned about the duct tape on Caylees face, he said well, that's how they buried their pets! He related Caylee with the same value as a animal! Hell, Casey should have just made an appointment and had Caylee put to sleep! Unfreakin believable! He also stated that the jury WERN'T ALLOWED TO USE THEIR COMMON SENSE! Imagine that, being forbidden to use your common sense. He also said the Judges instructions said if they didn't know the cause of death (how caylee died) they couldn't convict Casey. WOW! That was a dozzy! Imagine that, they brought charges against Casey but all along knew they couldn't get a guilty verdict because they didn't know the cause of death (how caylee died). How incompetent is that for a jury memeber to actually think that and say it out loud? Next let's move to Jennifer Ford. This imcompetent moran actually can make the jump easier towards accident than she can murder. Without a shred of evidence being entered as evidence, but tons of circumstancial evidence entered to prove murder. There wasn't even CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE proving accident but she can see accident easier! She also believes George was there when Caylee died, and the only place she could have gotten that from is "Jose Baez" opening statement which they were told by the judge IT WAS NOT EVIDENCE! She also said, it was not the jurys job to "connect the dots". Good grief, what the hell did she think her job entailed? Listening to opening statements then rendering a verdict? What did she think those 6 weeks of testimony and evidence presented were for? Next we have the most incompetent of them all and the leader of the pack. The jury foreman, who has the experience from being a PE teacher that he can READ PEOPLE! He was suspicious of George and could "read him" and tell he wasn't trustworthy! Yep you heard that right, but the worlds biggest liar Casey was worthy of trusting accident through her attorneys opening statements that were not evidence. Georges statements never change, but caseys did multiple times. He also said they didn't prove a crime was committed

Posted by Carmen
11/28/2011, 11:10 AM

Yep, you heard that right, no proof of a crime being committed. Did the hidden body, duct tape, garbage bags, and made up kidnapping story mean anything to this moron? That's elaborate lengths to go to if this was just an accident. 911 would have done the job, no need for hiding the body, using duct tape, garbage bags, and the trunk of your car as a coffin for a few days. No need to name a babysitter and send police looking for this babysitter if this was all an accident. This moron couldn't even connect the dots and see that her actions alone refute any accident theory. Without a doubt this jury was incompetent, didn't uderstand the law and most important did not follow the judges instructions. These people should have NEVER been seated on this important case, they were trusted to go through the evidence, connect dots, and use common sense! Of course all that took effort, and hard work and this jury found it easier to just "think" this was an accident no big deal. Mothers actions didn't matter, childs hidden body didn't matter, made up kidnapping didn't matter, duct tape didn't matter, decomp in car didn't matter, chloroform didn't matter, and searches for how to make chloroform didn't matter, even though all that evidence screams...FOUL PLAY! This country needs to seriously think of "professional jurors" that are paid good salaries are well educated and won't be in a hurry to get home and do the wrong thing and opposite of what the evidence says! These jurors should be ashamed of themselves, but their so ignorant and incompetent they probaly don't understand why everyones upset, and don't even see what they have done.

Posted by US CITIZEN
11/28/2011, 11:26 AM

Logic: how ironic that you speak down to Kj regarding his/her intelectual (intellectual)skills when you cannot spell or articulate very well. FYI, I posted as US CITIZEN not AMERICAN CITIZEN, but I'm assuming you're speaking to me. Your assumption that I'm male is incorrect, I am female. All the points you made were regurgitated over and over and over again to the point of ad nauseam by the media. Just in case anyone missed it, they reported again.

So, how are you any better than anyone else when you display the immaturity of calling me and others "igonrant jerks"... hmmm, perplexing. You are correct that we have the write (it's actually right) to express ourselves; however, I don't think it's us who portray ouselves as "ignorant fools" (your words).

Um, so you didn't like that?! Well, let me state it again, "Justice was served and that the jury did their job" or better yet, let me repost what I actually said, "Jury did their job (and very well might I add)!" Regardless of your miss quote, it is correct that I believe Justice was servered."

You stated, "this woman took the remains of her only child and dumped her in the woods in a trash bag" - NOT proven

You state, "the searching of death, chloroform, neck breaking techniques on Casey's computer" - it was the family computer and was accessed by many

You state, "the hair with sings of decomposition" (I'm not sure what 'with sings' means but I get your point) - FBI analyst admitted that she could not 100% say that it was from a decomposing body

I could go on and on about your media regurgitated points, but it would be futile to agrue with someone with your intellectual (correct spelling)skills.

Kj: excellent points!

Posted by justice seeker
11/28/2011, 11:41 AM

I will remember your name,

& i vow to eschew & NEVER read ANOTHER WORD written by you.

You are an Idiot beyond redemption & completely delusional.

Casey Anthony was GUILTY OF MURDER & the jury was an EPIC FAILURE.

Good luck w/ your career, loser.

(redo--disreguard previous post)
Posted by justice seeker (redo)
11/28/2011, 11:43 AM

** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** KEITH LONG *** ** K.E.I.T.H. .L.O.N.G.


I will remember your name,

because I vow to eschew & NEVER read ANOTHER WORD written by you.

You are an Idiot beyond redemption & completely delusional.

Casey Anthony was GUILTY OF MURDER & the jury was an EPIC FAILURE.

Good luck w/ your career, loser.

Posted by loveyourarticle
11/28/2011, 11:50 AM

I agree as do many others about the influence the media had on society throughout this case. It's much more salacious to portray a mother turned psychopath than it is to look at an accidental drowning/ cover-up. Many people would have to look at themselves and their own familial interactions if the latter had been the focus. It's simply much easier to butter popcorn and be entertained by Nancy Grace and others than entertain the idea that society should have evolved from witch hunt thinking and lynch mob reacting. Additionally, the Grammar Nazis always come out swinging when they have nothing substantial to add.

your article
Posted by Lacy'smom
11/28/2011, 12:00 PM

You, like baez & company are a pathethic lot. Good luck with you night classes on becoming a good writer. Talk about mis-facts casey's evaluations by baez's own choice of psych. doctors showed she was never molested. Have a good day and mind you I will spread the word not to bother reading any of your future articles.

to justice seeker
Posted by jessica
11/28/2011, 12:59 PM

You are just as disgusting as the Anthony family. How dare you call someone stupid because they have a different opinion than you. Everybody should stop whining she was aquited whether she is guilty or not! It happens everday in america just like innocent people are convicted everyday that are innocent. That's life! Grow up!

Posted by Tammy
11/28/2011, 02:49 PM

You say the jury did their job and justice was served. I disagree and don't think this jury did their jobs at all. You say there is no proof Casey dumped her daughter remains in the woods stuffed in trash bags. What proof do you need? A video tape or eye witness? This act usually isn't done with an eye witness, but the circumstances of how Caylee went missing and ended up dead in the woods tells a story. Casey told police she dropped her daughter off at the babysitters. George told police the same thing, this puts Casey to be the last person with Caylee. She prevents police from finding her daughter, lies about a kidnapping, and will not help police find her daughter. Every item found at the crime scene with Caylees body links back to CASEY AND ONLY CASEY! That einstein is a direct link to Casey putting the remains there, along with her lies, kidnapping story, etc., You say chloroform, neck breaking, was searched on a family computer accessed by many. This untruth was proven at the trial. NO ONE except Casey could have made those searches. George was at work, per his work records and Cindy was at work per her work records. You can speculate that someone else made those searches but the fact is that everyone who used that computer was ruled out except Casey. Now to the hair with decomp on it, you state FBI analyst could not say with 100% the hair came from a decomp body, but when you add the other testimony of the death smell, the decompostional fluids, blow flies, etc., that hair is backed up by multiple other pieces of evidence that a decomposing body was in the trunk of that car. This is where intelligence is needed to connect those dots. So, everything was a conspiracy against Casey, and all these pieces were just a coincidence? I don't think so. The prosecution proved murder and proved Casey did it and the jury was so incompetent they couldn't figure out what all the evidence meant. They wanted an eye witness or video tape, in other words they couldn't figure it out unless a picture was painted for them, like jose Baez did for them. To hell with proof, the story Baez painted was easy for them to follow and piecing the evidence together presented by the prosecution was to difficult for them. They were a joke and failed to do with jobs!

Posted by US CITIZEN
11/28/2011, 04:27 PM

Tammy: I don't need anything regurgitated back to me, but uh, okay. I watched, read, researched every thing too but my PERSONAL conclusion OBVIOUSLY runs parallel to the ADJUDGED verdict; however, all those who are unhappy, angry, etc. with the verdict blame the jury, defense, etc... hmmmmm, blame everyone else - sounds vaguely familar.

Yes, you read it right. I said there's NO PROOF that Casey Anthony is the one who put Caylee in the woods. It was proven that Caylee was dead and where she was found, but who put her there was NOT proven. You can say it all you want, but the FACT remains that a jury of 12 (plus 2 alternates who spoke) said the THEORY put forth by the State of FL was NOT proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Hence, the Not Guilty verdict. Point, blank, PERIOD!! In otherwords, all of the facts (I say that very, very loosely) you're spouting were part of an UNproven theory!!

All of the yelling, bashing, evilness, hatefullness, etc will not change it. In fact, guess what - attacking me is also fruitless!!! #smh

Here we go again...
Posted by Casey
11/28/2011, 06:51 PM

Well, who exactly do you think put her in the woods?

The Judge told the jury that the opening statements were not fact, but we heard from Jennifer Ford, that she believed Caylee drowned. No evidence of a drowning, but plenty of evidence of a homicide.

So, do you think some random person killed Caylee? Do you think George killed her? Do you think Casey is guilty of anything? How about a coverup? Isnt she as guilty as the person who commited the crime? Sorta like a getaway driver from a robbery.

All this case needed was common sense. The jurors held their heads in shame, too embarrassed to stand behind their decision. What cowards.

Posted by refute this
11/28/2011, 07:25 PM

That is if you can stop screaming long enough to read. I dare you.

http://statevcasey.wordpress.com/ ...

Posted by US CITIZEN
11/28/2011, 08:03 PM

I'm very familar with that site and it's a very well articulated analysis of the case and evidence. It's an objective view instead of an emotional view. Unfortunately, those who hold anger and hate are incapable of seeing beyond their dark emotions to objectively review the information provided on that site.

Posted by Kimpossible
11/28/2011, 10:21 PM

Mr. Long you are doing the same thing you accuse the media of doing. You are also picking and choosing what you chose to write and are not even citing correct information connected with certain facts. Did you even watch the entire trial...not just parts but the entire trial? It was Lee's fiance Mallory who stated and cried that Casey and Caylee had an amazing relationship. But what kind of proof is that? Not everyone is perfect everyday, people are less than perfect most days. We also know that many mother's(like Susan Smith, and the recent mother from Missouri) who were responsible for their child's death were reported by others as being a good mother,
And you too, just like the media, are publicly convicting a man of sexual abuse when there was no evidence presented to support it other than a proven habitual liar saying so. She lied so she didn't have to work, she lied so she could steal from others, she lied and created fake emails from a fake boss so her family would babysit while she went out to party. She lied not to protect her family, but to protect herself. Her family did not benefit from her unemployment, her family did not benefit from her stealing.

Why is it that some people think Casey should not be held accountable?
Posted by Cat
11/29/2011, 01:33 PM

I would just like someone to articulate for me, in a rational, non-beligerant way, why Casey Anthony Supporters think that Casey should not be held accountable for the lies that she told at the beginning of this trial which led to (among other things) the lawsuit against her w/ Texas Equusearch and the lawsuit against her w/ Zenaida Gonzalez, who, clearly the link existed w/ her application to the Sawgrass apartments. Why is it that you believe that she should just be allowed to manipulate the legal system, by claiming her daughter was stolen by a nanny and complain via Jose Baez that Law Enforcement was doing nothing to look for Caylee back in 2008, did NOT discourage the many hundreds of volunteers who searched for her "beloved" daughter only to say at Opening thru Mr. Baez that Caylee was never missing. She drowned. AND THEN appeal the lying convictions when she admitted as much during opening? Forget the issue of did she murder her daughter, why, should she be just allowed to play legal games and not be held accountable for the lies? Anyone?

Why is it some people think Casey should not be held accountable?
Posted by Cat
11/29/2011, 01:35 PM

Sorry, I meant to say, in third line of above comment, "lies she told at the beginning of this case. June 2008.

Stephan Pickering - Casey Anthony stalker?
Posted by NancyGene
11/29/2011, 08:52 PM

Stephan Pickering, why is it that every article about Casey Anthony has comments from you? And stitched together posts of previously written comments at that. You aren't original or exciting enough for Casey Anthony--go stalk someone else, although Amanda Knox wouldn't find you appealing either.

Posted by J's Grammie
11/29/2011, 09:13 PM

After reading the comments I had to add my two cents. I find it amusing that people who believe Casey is innocent automatically assume that anyone thinking she is guilty must have been influenced by media. Those that think she is guilty think anyone that believes she is innocent is stupid. This is American and we, thank God, have the freedom to form our own opinion. I also think it is funny that so many Casey supports are so quick to point out that nothing was proven that she is guilty but turn around and just as quickly are so willing to believe the unproven claim that she was molested and the baby drowned. The only conclusion that seems logical to me for this thinking and this also explains the jury's reasoning... It is much easier to comprehend that someone was molested and they were so frightened by their molestor that they would cover up a drowning and block it out than it is to believe that someone would cold heartedly kill their own innocent 2 yr old, throw her away like trash allowing her to rot while they party, steal, shop, laugh, and enjoy life! If the jury had been asked which story would you hope was true or like to be true I would say they got it right!

Just a little bit of information that you may not know... nobody has ever been convicted of neglect, abuse, murder or any other criminal act when a child has drowned in the state of Florida. This also came out in trial. If this is the case then what would be the reason to cover up a drowning? A medical examiner would know right away if someone drowned. If she drowned why didn't Casey admit it when Cindy mentioned the latest theory, she drowned, to Casey in the jailhouse video? Casey did not show any facial expression such as "Oh crap they figured it out" instead she brushed it off as another theory and didn't skip a beat! She decided to go after her father and Lee because that is what her attorney told her to do. Afterall George and Lee had both tried to convince her to dump him. This also came out at trial in the jailhouse videos.

Everyone can make their own conclusion and decide what they want to see or believe. Some will believe actual evidence and some will believe their own version of what they think or wished happened. If you believe Casey is guilty or innocent it doesn't really matter...either way justice was NOT done because nobody is being held accountable for the death of beautiful Caylee Marie Anthony!

Thanks for the article
Posted by The juror
11/30/2011, 04:29 AM

I am also amused by the reactions of this article. ALL comments expressing hates and angers come from those ones that condemn C.A. I heard a lot of unsults coming from them. In my early age I have been told never listen to someone expressing angers and insults because they are on the wrong side. They are sicks and wrongfull peoples.
What if the truth come out and it's about something or anything else other than the involvement direct of C.A in the death if Caylee ? Can you ever think about THAT ???
I believe that Casey Anthony did not murder Caylee. Someone very close to her is responsible of her death of course.
Read this:
C.A. CANNOT be trial again for the murder of Caylee.WHY NOT ADMITTING IF SHE DID ? She is already hated by million of persons. Why not admitting now. Her parents and family will live in peace and not having to deal beeing suspected or anything else WHY ???
Yes, she is a liar. May be it is better for her and "other" to keep doing it because the truth that might come out of her mouth will make "other" head to come down !
Peace and love to everyone of you !

Posted by Teresa
11/30/2011, 06:25 AM

Just finished watching Cindy Anthony's deposition from April, 2009. Apparently, Casey had many babysitters watching Caylee, and at no charge, I might add. What puzzles me is that why the need for all these babysitters, if she had no job.

Cindy acts as if it was none of her business who was babysitting her granddaughter, nor did she ever contact any of the people who were "supposedly" watching her. "She had no reason too", she stated.

This perplexes me...Casey is living in Cindy's home. I would think it would be my BUSINESS as a grandmother to know who is watching my grandchild. Casey was not off in another state, where Cindy had no idea what was going on in her life. Cindy said they never discussed paying the babysitters. Again...I am perplexed...why is Casey living with her family? Not enough money to make it on her own? Money was never discussed? I have a hard time believing this.

Cindy stated she hasn't talked to Casey since 2008. She hopes one day they will speak again.

I feel so sad for Cindy. Casey will never speak to her family again, for they will ask questions and want answers. Casey killed Caylee, how can she face her mother again? She said her father molested her, she will never have contact with him either. Imagine the shame...the guilt, I know I wouldn't be able to face someone and look them in the eyes after I tried to destroy them.

Casey has killed her ties with her family, just as sure as she killed her daughter. She has no past now, and her life will be forever haunted.

However Caylee died, only Casey knows. Whether is was murder or accidental, it was Casey who threw her daughters remains in the woods to rot.

Posted by Yolanda
11/30/2011, 09:25 AM

Why would anyone cover up an accidental drowning? If it was truly an accident and the mother was truly an amazing mother then she would have called 911 and rendered medical assistant to her child. An amazing mother would not bag her child up, wrap her face in duct tape, stuff her in the trunk and throw her in a swamp and go party and have sex with her boyfriend. Then continue to live it up for over a month and say nothing to anyone about her child being dead. Nope, just enter hot body contests, hit nightclubs, shop, steal, get a beautiful life tattoo, etc,. That is not my description of a good or amazing mother, but 12 jurors considered that a good mother and it shows what kind of morals and ethics those 12 have. Casey most certainly got a jury of her peers, that is a fact. No matter what you believe in this case. One fact remains consistent, Casey for over 6 months sent police looking for a nanny who kidnapped her daughter, she let her parents, brother, volunteers, and many many searches, detectives, investigators continue their search for Caylee insisting she was alive through her attorney for 6 months until that child was finally found dead, hidden, bound in duct tape, stuffed in bags and a swamp as her final resting place. All the while, Casey knew she was dead and knew where she was. These circumstances alone were enough evidence for a manslaughter conviction and it all escaped that ignorant jury. They felt using that evidence would be basing their verdict on emotion! Good grief the incompetence and ignorance on that jury is scary.

Posted by Barb
11/30/2011, 10:14 AM

If this jury was not sequestered then maybe they would have been able to do their jobs properly. The whole point of a jury is picking 12 people from different backgrounds who think differently, and use their life experiences to shift through bull **** and who can use common sense and discuss different aspects and disect the evidence using different views. It is NOT a BONDING EXPERIENCE where you become buddies, get as close as a BUNCH OF COUSINS, that defeats the whole purpose of seating 12 different people on a jury. When you bond and become friends then you do not want to disagree and hold your own convictions and stay firm in your beliefs, wouldn't wanna upset your new friends or cousins by hanging this jury and disagreeing with them. Sequestering this jury was a big mistake. It wasn't the media who would have tainted them, in the end they tainted themselves by bonding and becoming like a bunch of cousins and following along like the sheep they are. Not one person on that jury used common sense, not one would stand strong and object to the ridiculous theory of "accident" when common sense tells you, when an accident happens you call 911 and do not bag up your child and hide the body. That defies human nature and humans who did nothing wrong do not do that. I'm sure the jury wanted to believe this was just an accident but the evidence refutes that and they ignored all the evidence and decided to speculate what may have happened. Ignorance beyond belief, with the big ignorant one leading the pack of cousins to follow his lead and they all did like sheep.

Posted by HMMMM
11/30/2011, 11:53 AM

How in the world did they find the only 12 jurors in America who ALL agree Casey was "not guilty"?

I wonder if any of the jurors have had second thoughts...

It will come out
Posted by A person who watched only the trial
11/30/2011, 11:53 AM

This whole blame the media thing is exactly what Jose Baez wants to keep alive to confuse the issue of what the EVIDENCE showed, that clearly his client was guilty as hell and he realizes that this jury bought his ridiculous fantasies. He had SO MUCH to do with the hysteria surrounding Casey Anthony w/ the media. HE was the person who let so much leak. But of course this is his style, double talk and create chaos so everyone is so confused they just sum it up by blaming the media. This case and his client was so outrageous with their BS and lies, (lets try this for size...Nanny took her, No wait a sec, George is looking really suspicious on the blogs right now so lets blame George and oh yes, lets say he molested her too). The writer of this article did NOT watch this trial. He is just adding to the very thing he is complaining about. I agree with Barb above. Jury should not have been sequestered and I wish one of them would come out and truly tell what happened in their little bonding time after both sides rested.

Posted by Marsha
11/30/2011, 12:03 PM

Unfortunately—and psychological studies bear this out—a group that is kept together for any length of time becomes more and more alike, more in sync, as time goes on. (By the way, this phenomenon is also in play with regard to proximity to the defendant. The longer the jury is in contact with the defendant, the less sinister he or she appears. In this way, familiarity with Casey Anthony turned her from a potential murderer to an abused, perhaps disturbed, but certainly nonthreatening, child.) Add this phenomenon to the natural desire to avoid contentiousness and seek harmony and you can see how individuality begins to erode in a sequestered jury.

Now add to that the psychology of group dynamics—a subject well known to trial lawyers and jury consultants. In every group there will be leaders and followers. Listening to Juror Jennifer Ford, who was very likely a leader, it became abundantly clear that the leaders on the Anthony jury were cheerleaders for the defense.

Ms. Ford’s primary complaint was that the prosecution didn’t prove cause of death. As she put it: “How can you punish someone for something if you don’t know what they did?...[The prosecution] didn’t even paint a picture for me to consider.”

That was defense attorney Jose Baez’s strategy, through and through. And it has nothing to do with what’s legally required to prove a homicide.

The truth is, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove cause of death. It only need prove criminal agency—that the death was a homicide, as opposed to an accident. It’s nice to have a body, a murder weapon, a cause of death, but it’s certainly not essential. I’ve had cases where not only was there no murder weapon, there was no body. We had no evidence to establish cause of death. Still, those cases resulted in convictions—in fact that jury returned a verdict of first-degree murder in one of them

Posted by Marsha
11/30/2011, 12:03 PM

Unfortunately—and psychological studies bear this out—a group that is kept together for any length of time becomes more and more alike, more in sync, as time goes on. (By the way, this phenomenon is also in play with regard to proximity to the defendant. The longer the jury is in contact with the defendant, the less sinister he or she appears. In this way, familiarity with Casey Anthony turned her from a potential murderer to an abused, perhaps disturbed, but certainly nonthreatening, child.) Add this phenomenon to the natural desire to avoid contentiousness and seek harmony and you can see how individuality begins to erode in a sequestered jury.

Now add to that the psychology of group dynamics—a subject well known to trial lawyers and jury consultants. In every group there will be leaders and followers. Listening to Juror Jennifer Ford, who was very likely a leader, it became abundantly clear that the leaders on the Anthony jury were cheerleaders for the defense.

Ms. Ford’s primary complaint was that the prosecution didn’t prove cause of death. As she put it: “How can you punish someone for something if you don’t know what they did?...[The prosecution] didn’t even paint a picture for me to consider.”

That was defense attorney Jose Baez’s strategy, through and through. And it has nothing to do with what’s legally required to prove a homicide.

The truth is, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove cause of death. It only need prove criminal agency—that the death was a homicide, as opposed to an accident. It’s nice to have a body, a murder weapon, a cause of death, but it’s certainly not essential. I’ve had cases where not only was there no murder weapon, there was no body. We had no evidence to establish cause of death. Still, those cases resulted in convictions—in fact that jury returned a verdict of first-degree murder in one of them

Posted by Sandra
11/30/2011, 05:15 PM

Of course everyone knows that the prosecution DOES NOT have to prove the cause of death, that is EVERYONE except the incompetent 12 knows that fact! That is why there was so much outrage, because the jury kept harping that the prosecution didn't tell them how Caylee died, so they couldn't find her guilty. This is why the outrage and the screaming that the JURY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE LAW! One of the jurors actually said since they didn't know the cause of death the prosecution couldn't prove Casey did it and so they had to find her not guilty! This was said after they didn't like the outrage against them, because before that they were actually totting the accident and cover up theory that WAS NOT PROVEN and only said in opening statements that WAS NOT EVIDENCE! I mean the ignorance and incompetence of this jury is so mind boggling. What's even scarier is some on that jury are teachers and are teaching children!! LORD HELP US ALL!!

Posted by Nana
12/01/2011, 09:35 AM

This drowning theory is so unreasonable and was never proven so how could anyone even give it any weight at all? Jose Baez is the only place this drowning nonsense came from, and what the lawyers say are not evidence and was in Judge Perrys instructions. An opening statement is a path for the jury to lay out where the evidence will take them. When a lawyer makes all these promises of where the evidence will lead as Jose Baez did (an accident) and then does not produce one iota of evidence to back that up, jurys usually hold that against them and don't trust anything they say. This defense team lied and said they would prove molestation and a drowning and George was involved, but they didn't come close. How could a reasonable jury find Casey not guilty? Jose's opening statement was done for shock, to confuse the gullible, it was outrageous, full of vile accusations, a disjointed story that ended with a father screaming...You will go to jail for the rest of your life, your mother will never forgive you. First, why would anyone be thinking about jail or punishment when they discovered their child in a pool. Second, Cindy has lied and stood by Casey and made excuse after excuse for her since the beginning so that doesn't make sense either. Casey could admit she killed Caylee and Cindy would find some way to excuse her behavior. The defense didn't have one witness to back up that opening statement. Not one witness stated that Caylee drowned, and then covered it up. Not one witness (doctor) testified Casey had been molested or even showed signs of being molested as a child. So, in reality an accident should have never even been considered by the jury. For the jury to give that theory any weight Casey would have had to take the stand and state on the record that is what happened. How did all that escape this jury? Not only did they not understand the law, and what the prosecution had to prove, they didn't follow Judge Perrys instructions. The jury foreman said that Jose's opening statement was the "other side of the story". Ummmmm no it wasn't idiot! The ignorance and incompetence on this jury is on full display for the world to see. How they can even show their faces in public is beyond me.

Posted by Teresa
12/02/2011, 12:05 AM

Nana, of all the comments and projections I have read to far, your words express exactly what America feels. Thank you.

Posted by Wilma
12/02/2011, 09:19 AM

This article is pure fiction and was either written by Jose Baez or those idiot jurors. It's makes as much sense as stupid Jennifer Ford stating it could have been an accident and someone may be guilty of not rendering medical attention for Caylee? She pulled that out of thin air because nothing in the evidence presented even came close to even suggesting that. Just kinda like your article was pulled straight from Jose Baez opening statement and it was not evidence and nothing to suggest accident was ever entered into the court record or testified to by a witness that this was an accident. These jurors were so incompetent that Jennifer Ford couldn't even figure out that if she thought someone was guilty of not rendering medical attention that that in fact would be aggravated child abuse that these idiots found Casey not guilty of. But of course were talking about 12 ignorant fools that couldn't even figure out who Caylees caregiver was, which that incompetent jury foreman stated to Greata. They couldn't even figure out who Caylees caregiver was it's like, HINT HINT IDIOTS IT WAS HER MOTHER! 12 of the stupidest morons to ever be seated on a jury and now I think they may be helping spread their ignorance in fictional articles.

Posted by carol
12/02/2011, 09:58 AM

This jury has given every murderer a way out. They have sent a dangerous message with their verdict and it's already happening. We have a few missing children right now that parents have shut up and will not talk and no body can be found. Theres also a missing woman and the jurys verdict has given these killers the idea that if a body is hidden and not found and cause of death cannot be determined they will walk. How they can sleep at night and live with themselves is beyond me. I think they related to Casey Anthony because they themselves have no moral compass, no ethics, and obviously no conscious or care about a murdered 2 year old little girl. They find it acceptable to just throw a child out like trash and the mother should not be punished for that or making up a kidnapping to throw suspicion onto someone else and get the focus of her. Scary world we live in, THANKS JURORS FOR GIVING ALL MURDERS THIS IDEA!

Posted by Lana
12/02/2011, 06:00 PM

Ya thank you jury for making it open season on the most vulnerable of our society, the children. You have now given mothers who want to rid themselves of their children the idea how they can get away with it. No body no crime, no cause of death claim accident. Even though everyone knows if theres an accident involving your child you call 911 you dont wrap them in duct tape, stuff them in multiple bags and throw them in a swamp. YOU IDIOTS!

Posted by Disgusted by the article
12/02/2011, 06:38 PM

If the jurors really wanted to believe that Caylee drowned, how come these questions were never asked?

Did Jose ever explain how Caylee's body ended up in the swamp? Who wrapped her in in the blanket, who put her in the trash bags? Was is a combined effort? When and what day and time was her body dumped? Who dumped her? Casey? George? What happened after George supposedly found Caylee? Did they try to revive her? Mouth to mouth given? How long was Caylee's body in the water? At what time did Casey notice her missing? How did her body end up in Casey's car? Why did it reek?

None of these questions were answered, they said George found Caylee, and left to ponder. Why isnt Casey guilty of dumping her daughters body? How do we know that Caylee was dead, when her body was dumped? Why, why, why, didnot not the jurors ask any of these questions. What kind of idiots would believe that when a child drowns from an accident, you throw her body in a swamp, and not tell anyone, even the police. Let searchers look for your child for 6 months and not say a word? I'll tell you who, someone who has something to HIDE!!

We all know that George had nothing to do with this, and Casey tryed to blame her own father. That is foul...as foul as killing her child. I hope Casey rots in hell. Watch out Biaz, you sold your soul to the devil. When she turns on you, and she will, who will defend you?

Posted by Helen
12/03/2011, 03:29 PM

This George was involved in a cover-up of his granddaughters drowning is ridiculous! It is also refuted by many pieces of evidence admitted into evidence at the trial. The jail house tapes, where Casey continues to insist Caylee is alive and explains how to locate this nanny, telling her father he is the best father and by far the best grandfather and to never doubt that for a minute. His work records and cell phone pings. His coperation with law enforcement in trying to locate his granddaughter, unlike her own mother Casey who told lie after lie and then refused to talk anymore and lawyered up. His devestation when his granddaughter was found dead and his attempt at taking his life and his suicide letter proves beyond any doubt that this man had no idea what happened to his granddaughter, but a slimy defense lawyer can spew a vile accusation in open court, never prove it and the jury buys it. Now, that's incompetence at its finest!

Posted by Betty
12/03/2011, 04:55 PM

Caylees death was no accident. An experienced medical examiner ruled her death a homicide. This medical examiner has her own tv show called Dr. G and she is one intelligent and respected lady. This fact seems to have escaped the jury and instead of relying on someone with experience in the field, they chose to listen and trust Jose Baez who didn't prove his opening statement and only told a disjointed story but never explained how Caylee ended up in the trunk of her mothers car for 3-5 days, and then thrown in the swamp. I bet the jury is so incompetent they believed the smell was from garbage! Good grief, Dr. Vass who has studied decomposition for over 20 years stated the smell was that of a decomposed body and the chemicals found in the trunk verify it was a dead body in the trunk, add the blow flies, add in a hair consistent with caylees with a death band on it and that leaves no doubt that precious baby girl decomposed in the trunk of her so called amazing mothers trunk. Just because Casey tried to mask the smell by putting in the garbage doesn't make the smell from the garbage, it makes her look more guilty for trying to add a source to blame the smell on. But of course, the jury would have had to have intelligence to figure that out, but it was easier to believe bozo the clown than it was to actually do the jobs they were trusted with, dumb ignorant incompetent fools. They were smarter than the medical examiner, Dr. Arpad Vass, The investigators, The detectives, the police, the lay witness who smelled the smell before and knew it was from decompostion, they were just so much smarter and they figured out it was all just an accident! Boy... If that doesn't tell you what kind of people sat on this jury nothing will. They were either the stupidest people on this earth, or there was some jury tampering going on. It's hard to believe some are that stupid and incompetent.

Posted by jury deliberations
12/03/2011, 07:07 PM

Almost every comment on here is right on target. What went on in that jury room was something no one would ever want to endure. I won't name names but I do know of a juror who wanted Casey found guilty and convicted of 1st degree murder based on the duct tape and chloroform along with the lies and making up a person who kidnapped Caylee. The not guilty verdict was led by a few who were not highly educated and only had high school educations and a couple who never finished high school. They were defending Casey and saying prove to me this was not an accident. PROVE IT!! STATE YOUR CASE!! PROVE TO ME GEORGE WAS NOT INVOLVED! I THINK HE KILLED THE LTTLE GIRL!! They cursed, belittled others, called the prosecution names, the witnesses names, and were outrageous and no one could get through to them. They also blamed the smell on garbage, the decomposition chemicals on food matter, etc., Dumber than a box of rocks, but everyone finally caved. Their were also half who wanted her found guilty of manslaughter, but those same jurors screamed. PROVE TO ME CASEY WAS HER CAREGIVER, PROVE SHE WAS NEGLIGENT. PROVE TO ME CASEY PUT THAT BODY IN THE WOOD OR KNEW WHERE HER FATHER PUT THE BODY!! The last hold out finally got tired of the name calling, belittling and gave in and now they are all paying for those few who were for some odd reason cheering for the defense the whole time. This juror cannot sleep, he/she knows that this was the wrong verdict. This person would hang the jury now, and stand strong but has to live with the fact she didnt. The jurors are not having an easy time either, they have been shunned by friends, family has aggressively expressed disapproval of the verdict and many who know them are angry with them. People whisper behind their backs, mock them, co-workers are disgusted by the verdict and talk about them. I personally would have found her guilty of murder one, manslaughter, and agravated child abuse along with the four counts of lying. It was all proven beyond a reasonable doubt, there was no reasonable explaination for not reporting your daughter missing, partying, lying, making up a kidnapping, decomp in the car, chloroform searches, and chloroform in the car, duct tape on the face, all items at crime scene linked to Casey. Her letting her defense team blame her father and never testifyiing to what they said in opening would have put the nail in her coffin, but that's justs me.

12/04/2011, 05:15 PM

What you have said above is in line with something I also read by someone who claims to know the Jury Foreman. Obviously whats posted online can never totally be known to be true or false, but I watched this trial recently AGAIN, just to look at the trial from this jury's perspective (knowing their verdict), and Jose Baez questions were designed simply to put misinformation out there. He would ask a question to a witness, hoping that he just by saying it would make the jury believe it to be true. And it worked. Time and again, the witness (whoever they were, George, Cindy, whomever)would respond in a way to make Jose Baez' suppositions NEGATIVE. But as we all know, this jury seemed to listen only to Jose Baez. I now believe like others that this verdict was NOT incompetence for the most part, but deliberate jury tampering. This jury was tainted for the most part. When Jose Baez did his trigger-finger dance for the media just PRIOR to the verdict being read, I remember thinking that was shocking and very strange. But I was sure the verdict would be guilty. Clearly Jose knew better. Go back and watch this trial and really put yourself in the shoes of this jury, knowing their verdict and pay close attention to the defense. Jose Baez in NO WAY could have been considered as winning this case. He PROVED nothing, zero, just asked alot of questions he knew would not make his client (by the witness' answer) look good, but he asked them anyway. He says it, jury takes it as evidence. PLEASE let the truth of what happened in the jury room come out.

Jury Deliberations
Posted by I second that MOTION
12/04/2011, 05:21 PM


As much as this jury has been reviled, more of us are Clearly starting to realize the jury tampering that happened in the Casey Anthony case, and would WELCOME the brave juror(s) who was/were bullied into returning this UNJUST verdict to COME OUT AND TELL YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. We need to know HOW this happened. Does any legal person know if this were to come out if the trial verdict could be thrown out and the case would need to be done over?

The Jury
Posted by Pat
12/04/2011, 05:27 PM

When I first heard others cry "Jury tampering" I thought that far-fetched. I also watched this trial in its entirety and was absolutely gob-smacked this jury could have returned the verdict they did. I also wrote it off as complete incompetence. But as I hear more and more about specific jurors' agendas, and when you do go back to watch the trial with the eyes of TRYING to see how this verdict was arrived at it just still boggles the mind. I believe that its true. This CANNOT be mere incompetence. Something stinks here. Can this verdict be thrown out if a brave juror(s) come forward to explain how they were forced into returning this verdict?

Posted by Jude Pennebaker
12/05/2011, 09:44 PM

I believe the attachment I have referenced here might clear up any potential questions some may have of this Defense Teams integrity. Read this "MOTION TO EXCLUDE" put forth by the defense regarding "hearsay, gossip and innuendo".

Mr. Baez calls Cindy Anthony's 911 calls NOT examples of excited utterances but more examples of a cunning strategy to build a future prosecution against her daughter and the proof that this is true is that because Caylee was missing for 31 days that was PROOF that Cindy Anthony should have been in no way alarmed. This was not a "new" event. Yes, totally blowing off all the LIES that Casey continued to tell her mother and acting as if CINDY should have been a mind reader and known this was all untrue. READ IT. AMAZING that he/they had so little respect for the court in filing this motion that they thought they might get away with it. WOW. All I can say, WOW. Just like Jeff Ashton.
Page 11

http://www.cfnews13.com/uploadedfiles/Stories/Loca ...

Jose Baez is a scumbag
Posted by Karen
12/06/2011, 09:22 AM

Jose is a bonafide scumbag and all his antics in court proved what he is, a low life bottom feeder. Now, he's defending another scumbag and is even threatening the boyfriend of the girl missing in Aruba, imagine that, a defamation threat coming from a man who stuck George's penis in Caseys mouth at 13 and accused him of a cover-up and trying to frame his own daughter. He is a disgusting pig and I hope anyone who sits as a juror on a case he is defending returns the proper verdict everytime and then this scumbag will see that he cannot fool everyone, just the ignorant pinealls freaks!

A Public Outcry
Posted by Joy
12/07/2011, 08:05 AM

Before I completely explode wide open I am going to write this message. It will not be delivered as a melodic tune. It certainly will not be conveyed with candy-coated words to appease the public. This is not an entertaining topic, but it is a matter that must be brought up and it has got to be heard and understood clearly, once and for all.

Do we live in a society made up of clear and rational thinking adults, or has America turned into some gut-wrenching, free-for-all, demonic or self-serving “democracy” which to say the least, is a total embarrassment???

We, the people of the United States, who for the most part, are supposedly well educated having an abundance of universities from coast to coast, cannot seem to grasp the concept that there is evil amongst us and it is growing! The people who are lucky are the citizens who have the capability of feeling empathy, or at the minimum, take time to learn and realize that their own little world is not as important as what our big world is turning into. To simplify my meaning, the melting pot should now be referred to as consisting of child molesters, abusers, murderers, thieves, violent addicts, rapists, and all the other sleazy, sordid groups of worthless people on the streets, or locked up in over-crowded prisons, which the taxpayers have to feed day-in, day-out. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of our justice system because, as Dr. Phil would say, “It just isn’t working.”

When are we going to address this seriously and put a stop to it? This isn’t a third world country for God’s sake, this is our land and space that we pioneered and established laws and boundaries in order for us to survive living as a unit, or as one coexisting as humans…NOT ANIMALS!!!

I have had it! Yes, I see doctors but I have to because of others’ selfish needs, or cruel actions. Not from one trauma, not from two traumas, but from 4 separate traumas I am now under a psychiatrist’s care for the remainder of my life. How freaking fair is that?
Because of this, I grew stronger and I believe I write well. I survived, but it was my own doing, with the help of medication and counseling, that I was not going to end a loser, and allow the real losers of our society to get the best of me.

You child molesters out there associated with sports in colleges, or in the Catholic Church, for Christ’s sake, or wherever you are, you are the scum of the earth. A seven-year-old girl was just found molested, beaten and murdered by some slimy perpetrator! How low can one go? I ask you…just how freaking low can our society get?? I’m not proud to be an American citizen at this point, and haven’t been for a long while. Heck, many people never even leave their little nest, or safe haven and oh my, cross a state border, let alone go oversees and take a fair and good look at us. We are a sick group of people because we are either doing the perpetrating or we are turning our heads to it because it doesn’t concern our little world!!!

Every time I turn on the news, and I don’t mean just the local news, I see evil. I hear evil. I am reminded on a daily basis that this society is more than an embarrassment; it is pathetic. I don’t like people who are selfish. I don’t like people who like to hurt little children, or grown adults, or like to afflict cruelty to animals!! I don’t like us. If I have to listen to another defense attorney and their rhetoric, I think I’ll scream!!!!!!

How seedy can one be to defend a monster who has killed their own child, or someone else’s’ innocent baby, just to make a buck or two? So, I guess we, as American citizens, who used to spout off how prosperous we are and should be the leaders of this world, have only gotten the wrong message, and have relied on the almighty dollar as the core of what we are made up of. And the real thorn that is embedded deeply in my ribs is that the same defense attorney will brag about winning his or her precious case. It’s not about justice; it’s not about love and compassion; it’s not about treating others as one would like to be treated, it’s about that damn green paper that people build their world around.

I am tired of it. I am disgusted with it all. My sadness of knowing I live amongst a bunch of idiots, who can’t seem to get their act together, has now turned to anger. All you guilty people, judges too, and you know who you are, shall rot in that very hot place that we are not allowed to mention publicly. You slime balls who hurt others on purpose, as well as you so-called educated people who either defend scum, or those of you who just turn your back because you are either too ignorant, lazy or just too self-centered, are worse than pathetic, you are downright wretched! Wake up and smell the blood. By the way, for those of you who do not understand this message, smell the iron and hope to God that your own blood is never affected!! I am sorry to say, but this is probably when you will actually wake up and take action. I pray that never has to be for any of you. We are running out of time, jail space and I have run out of patience. I sincerely hope this message was understood loud and clear. It felt good writing it, just like it felt good writing my book, which I won’t even mention the title. I’m not here to sell books; I’m here to wake you up. Pathetic…..that word won’t leave my conscious. Hmm…where are the smart people who have a moral foundation and can see further than their own nose? Come on, I’m so ready for a challenge. Is there anyone here game to answer my questions? Is there anybody here who has the courage to speak up, or admit being guilty as charged? I won’t hold my breath…but I am darn certain I’ll keep writing and maybe, just maybe there will be one smart cookie out there that I was able to penetrate with my written word. Penetrated like that irritating thorn in my side.

Posted by Tim
12/09/2011, 10:40 PM

The people who sat on this jury are the most IQ challenged people to ever sit on a jury. What a bunch of complete morons. These idiots thought it was reasonable to bind a child in duct tape, put her in bags stuff her in the trunk of a car and then toss her in the woods after she drowned by accident. If that wasn't enough to convince them this was not an accident how about sending everyone on a wild goose chase for over 6 months looking for a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez who kidnapped the child, not to mention Casey said she talked to Caylee on July 16th the day her mother called 911. Then we have all the "celebration" evidence against Casey and how happy she was for the month Caylee was kidnapped and didn't tell anyone. She didn't say anything because she killed this little girl that was cramping her lifesyle and threw her away like trash and this bunch of 12 morons was a ok with that! They are moraless freaks just like Casey!

Posted by Lucy
12/12/2011, 05:27 PM

It infuriates me that Casey got away with killing her daughter and is walking free, and that is all the jurys doing! These jurors were not smart enough to see through the bull****, smoke and mirrors and detractions the defense were throwing to try and get the focus off Casey. The defense played the blame game...it was everyones fault but Caseys and this ignorant jury fell for it. They had no common sense, nor did they understand the law as it relates to motive, cause of death, what the prosecution had to prove, or what the elements of the crime meant. They didn't understand how each count related to punishment, which they were not even to consider during the guilt phase. The prosecution proved their case and Casey should have been guilty of all charges, and manslaughter was a no brainer the defense even admitted that charge in their opening statements. This jury was incompetent and not qualified to sit on this jury. They are an embarassment to intelligent people.

Posted by Ariana
12/14/2011, 01:29 PM

I kp rdng thse bloggrs (i.e. pple hired by the defense tm 2 blog CASEYANTHONYISINNOCENT-BTW an absoltly ridicls wbste tht puts 4th nothng bt bogus "feelings" abt wht they THINK happened-DIVERSION, DIVERSION, DIVERSION-tht goes frm 1 ridiculs theory 2 the nxt w/ NO facts 2 support) say tht pple shld jst move on & deal w/ the verdict. They back ths jury up w/ sayng tht they agreed,saw no evidence wrthy 2 convict.REALLY. Bt these sme bloggers NEVER gve specfcs on their sppstns? They nevr expln how thy arrive @ the conclusn tht Casey ws not respnsbl 4 this murdr, (OR make sense of ALL hr actions-Recordd proof, leadng up 2 the murder & leadng up 2 the trial) excpt 2 blame Grge Anthny whch of course ws ludicrs. (If u follwd the trial, WHAT WS clear-he ws a genuinly hurt, bewldrd & grvng grandpa) & wht rlly goads me R the same bloggrs who say tht NO ONE EXCEPT THIS JURY WS THERE AND HEARD all the evidence. What, do they conveniently forget or hope no 1 is paying attention, 2 the fct the whole trial ws recorded? I watchd EVERY FREAKN minte. This verdct ws smply impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. NOT POSSIBLE w/out jury miscondct of some sort. I WANT TO HEAR FRM THE JUROR(S) WHO WERE BULLIED BY THS FOREMAN &/OR OTHRS IN2 RETURNNG A VERDCT THT MAKES NO SNSE. How cn they say that they couldnt determn who Caylee's caregvr ws at the time? For sme ridiculs reasn thy decided 2 view Casey as if she ws nothng mre thn a mere child & shldnt hav bn hld accntable becs of hr age or hr looks (GAG). WHY is it, tht aftr hr lies, (& the mere numbers of lies R astoundng), tht thy fnlly decidd tht she alone ws tellng the truth? Did thy NOT wtch the jailhse tapes? Ths ws a connivng sociopathic womn who CONTROLLED tht famly in a vry sick way. HOW DID THY NOT C THIS? How cn these pple hv evn gone there? So, Dr G was lying? Everyone Ws lyng too? How did it come down to this: they belivd NO ONE except the unfoundd infrmtn coming out of hr defns atty's mouth. Ws somene in the jry rm prssrng othrs 2 see it their way? Wht hapnd? Hs any 1 of thm gne bck & revwd the case & wtchd & pt 2gthr hr and hr attornys sttmnts @ the begnng of Caylees disspprnce 2 hr NEW set of lies @ trial? Im nt sure why the prsctn nvr shwd thse tapes of Baez tllng the publc "law enfrcmnt ws NOT follwng up on tips abt Caylee sightings becs thy were so focusd on Casey as perpetrator". How does the defense explain" that? They have NOT explained it and hope it wont ever be asked of thm. Certnly we know Geraldo wont ask Baez that!

Follow up to Ariana
Posted by Susan
12/14/2011, 01:44 PM

EXACTLY! And why hasnt the media asked Baez that question? ive wondered the same thing forever. If she accidentally drowned then why the subversion by her attorney about not following up on tips? Liars. And what kills me is the soft spoken way J Baez goes around shilling in the media as if he is this virtuous soft spoken big hearted bear out to crusade injustices for the innocent. When you KNOW he is responsible for letting a killer go free (or partly) and for the vicious things that are being blogged against the prosecution and anyone who dares say that Casey is GUILTY. One tactic Ive read is that they call all women who are against Casey (mothers horrified by this crime) as being JEALOUS of her looks! Wow. But I guess that would make sense as an appeasement to a sociopath. "Oh Casey, theyre just jealous of how beautiful you are". (GAG is RIGHT). I think someone needs to do a news story on the Jose Baez, Geraldo, Jane Velez-Mitchell whitewashing of Jose Baez. And find out why Geraldo was able to scrub out the video of Jose Baez recently threatening Robyn Gardner's boyfriend Richard Forester.

Posted by Barb
12/20/2011, 10:19 AM

Common sense tells you that if a child drowns, you do not stuff them in bags, wrap duct tape around their face, stuff them in a trunk and hide the body in a swamp. Then go off happily and rent videos with your boyfriend and walk around a video store as happy as can be with him arm in arm. If people believe that's how a mother reacts to a child who just drowned and is dead, then our society needs mental help. Not to mention this mother avoided her family and made up excuses why they couldn't see Caylee for over a month, then when she couldn't put them off any longer she made up a kidnapping story. Then 6 months later this child was found dead, stuffed in bags, her mandible still attached to the skull that could have only been in that position if something was holding it there, hence the duct tape. The circumstances surrounding this case refutes "drowning" and screams murder. No one could ever convince me that mothers do this when their child drowns by accident, it defies morals, ethics, and common freakin sense. How the jury fell for this in mind boggling! This jury put an innocent grieving grandfather on trial and ignored the lying mothers behavior and her lack of remorse, partying, and blame anyone but Casey behavior. Casey Anthony sure did have a jury of her peers that is a fact. They have no morals, ethics, and is as heartless as she is. It's a shame they didn't give the victim an innocent 2 year old girl named Caylee the justice she so deserved.

Posted by Georgia
12/20/2011, 02:23 PM

I hope this jury is never a victim or a family memeber is a victim of a homicide and when they can't tell you how they died, or who, when and where that a killer walks free and doesn't give their loved one the justice they deserve. They may just end up with a jury like themselves. Lazy, incompetent, ignorant, and back azz backwards in thinking and reasoning skills.

Posted by Tammy
12/20/2011, 02:30 PM

I hope this incompetent jury is paying attention to whats going on now in Caseys civil case. Her civil lawyer is saying Casey never said Caylee drowned, and that Casey cannot be held liable for something her lawyer said but she did not say. She never testified, or said Caylee drowned so she cannot be held liable for her lying convictions, or held liable for police looking for a babysitter, when Caylee was already dead. In hine sight, Jose Baez claimed Caylee drowned, Casey didn't? So how in the world did this jury find her not guilty? What a lawyer says is not evidence and should never even be considered during deliberations. What ignorance this jury displayed. I hope they feel like the fools we all know they are especially after now her civil lawyers are claiming Casey NEVER STATED CAYLEE DROWNED OR THAT SHE WAS NEVER MISSING OR THAT SHE KNEW SHE WAS ALREADY DEAD! What fools the 12 of them look like.

Posted by Karen
12/20/2011, 07:18 PM

What if the Casey Anthony jury only had a brain??? Now, that's a more appropiate subject to discuss, not being sequestered. This jury was brainless, clueless, incompetent, ignorant, gullible, uneducated, lazy, immoral, and it goes on and on, it had nothing to do with being sequestered. They were just stupid beyond belief!

Posted by Sarah
12/21/2011, 10:35 AM

This jury said the prosecution didn't prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. What was the reasonable doubt they had? Is it reasonable to them that a mother would not call 911 if her daughter drowned in a pool? Is that reasonable? No! Is it reasonable that she would give no medical assistant in the hopes she could be revived? NO! Is it reasonable to bag your daughter up and hide her body in a swamp if she drowned by accident? NO! Is it reasonable to keep your parents hopes up, and have everyone looking for a babysitter who kidnapped your daughter if she drowned by accident? NO! Is it reasonable that after her dropping off her daughter at the apartment with the babysitter was proved to be false, that she then changed that story to a kidnapping in a park? Is it reasonable when that story was proved to be false, that she again changed the story to a drowning, and her father was there and helped cover it up? NO, it proves she has something to hide and she changed her story over and over again when previous stories were proved false! So, if the jury thought all that was reasonable then it says a lot about who they are, and they are no better than Casey Anthony!

Posted by Xander
12/23/2011, 01:40 PM

The jury was incompetent and that is a fact by their comments on why they reached the verdict they did. One, The prosecution does not have to prove motive (in jury instructions) that they ignored. Two, The prosecution does not have to prove cause of death (in jury instructions)that they ingored. Three, The questions of when, where, how, etc., are excuses their making and are no where in the law that the prosecution has to prove. This proves this jury did not know the law, and disregarded jury instructions when they reached their ridiculous verdict. The judge told them that what the lawyers said were not evidence, so where did any witness state that Caylees death was an accident? I heard the medical examiner state this was a HOMICIDE so where do they get accident if not from Jose Baez opening statement that they could not consider as evidence? I never heard one witness state that GEORGE WAS INVOLVED did any of you? I heard witnesses, and Casey own statement that was consistent with George's statement that she left the house that morning and was dropping her daughter off at the babysitters and going to work. Two statements that were CONSISTENT made separtley by two people. No one ever said on the witness stand that George was involved, cell phone records, work records all refute this, and his suicide letter entered as evidence refutes he had anything to do with this. So, where did this jury even get the idea that George was involved? The only place this ever came from was Jose Baez opening statement that was told to them by the Judge WAS NOT EVIDENCE and that was in written jury instructions. They did not follow the judges instructions, and they speculated that George was involved without any proof whatsoever all based on a outrageous, vile opening statement made by Jose Baez to take the focus off of Casey Anthony and only an ignorant fool would fall for it, since the Judges instructions said they couldn't use the lawyers statements as evidence. No wonder their in hiding they broke the law numerous times when rendering their unjust verdict based on speculation and feelings! STUPID INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!

Posted by Olivia
12/23/2011, 02:12 PM

One thing is certain, this jury verdict is a total disconnect with the publics verdict. How could twelve people say not guilty when over 90% of the population who saw the same evidence and watched the whole trial says guilty? How could 12 incompetent fools all be seated on the same jury? There was not one person on that jury that had any common sense or could connect the dots? Even Jose Baez knew that not reporting Caylee missing for 30 days was damaging against Casey, since he said.. that's insane but this is why she did it, she was never missing. How crazy and ridiculous is that? Never missing? We have statement after statement made by Casey Anthony to law enforcement that Caylee was kidnapped and indeed missing, but a lawyer can state at trial she was not and the jury buys it? We have statement after statement by Casey demanding that they find her missing daughter and tells them who she left her with. Detective Yuri Melich gave her chance after chance to state this was an accident, but she insisted that Caylee was alive and she left her with a babysitter. How did this jury ignore all this evidence? It only became an accident three years later after Caylees body was finally found with no help from her mother who let her lay in that swamp for 6 months, eaten by animals until she was so decomposed that all evidence was gone, and let people believe she was kidnapped? Ya, that's reasonable, it's only reasonable to a fool. Casey was indicted on murder charges before Caylees body was even found, based on scientific evidence of decomposition in the trunk of Caseys car, a hair belonging to Caylee with a death band on it in the trunk of Caeys car and this jury somehow thought that not knowing how she died justifies a not guilty verdict? How is that even possible? These jurors were either paid off, or are the most ignorant people to ever walk the face of this earth.

Posted by Juror 13
12/25/2011, 09:24 PM

How do you explain Casey's story that George murdered Caylee... That's the story the defense changed for the jury into an alternative fictional account at trial. The circumstantial evidence pointed in only one direction at one person with only one REASONABLE explanation.

Posted by anonymous
12/26/2011, 06:41 PM

Funny thing is, I didn't watch much if any news on this. My info came straight from watching the trial everyday. She is guilty! She was lying long before her daughter was murdered. She lied for a year and a half about where she worked, about having a nanny etc. Where was her daughter during all the times she was supposedly with the nanny? My guess, duct taped with chloroform in her trunk. She probably did that for the year and a half whenever she wanted free time. then one day, it went to far and caylee died from it. I don't believe Casey killed Caylee on purpose but she was responsible and she lied to cover it up. You are sick to believe she could be innocent.

Posted by Essie
12/27/2011, 08:54 PM

Yep, just what everyone does when their child dies by accident. They bag them up put them in the trunk, then a few days later tosses them into a swamp and goes on with their life. Well, that's at least what this incompetent jury thinks! Stupid morons!

Posted by Tammy
12/27/2011, 11:01 PM

OMG..I just listened to that idiot juror jennifer on TV again. She had selective hearing and obviously didn't pay attention to the testimony in this trial. How many witnesses did we hear from that told of Cindy and Caseys bad relationship and always fighting over Caylees care? How many said Casey told them Cindy was an unfit mother? Lee even said Casey told him that Cindy told her she was an unfit mother over and over again, yet all this idiot heard was she was a good mother. Talk about incompetent! This jury should have charges brought against them and have to serve jail time! To bad "stupid" isn't a crime!

Posted by
12/27/2011, 11:25 PM

These jurors related to Jose Baez the slimy scumbag who did nothing but put blame on everyone except the one person responsible for her care and well being, her own mother Casey. Jose Baez whole defense was, the cops are wrong, the scientist are wrong, the cadaver dogs are wrong, the medical examiner is wrong, The smell is garbage, George did it, George had an affair, George discovered Caylee drowned and covered it up, Roy Kronk played around with Caylees remains, He placed duct tape on the skull, it was the most ridiculous incompetent thing I've ever witnessed on tv during a trial. This defense was all over the place and so disjointed that no competent person could have sat through Joses nonsense with a straight face. So, that right there tells you how incompetent this jury was. They were the bottom of the barrel and not worth the time and money the Judge spent on them. They are an embarassement to logical thinking people and should hide their heads in shame! The stupidity on that jury boggles the mind.

Posted by Tom
12/28/2011, 09:07 AM

The jury was not the sharpest tool in the shed no doubt. I still do not understand how they even got to an accident, or that George was somehow involved. Not one witness ever stated either of those theories with any type of evidence to back it up. The only place that came from was Jose Baez opening statement that could not be considered in deliberations, so where do they have the right to claim on tv that George was involved in this, or may have been there? When this jury opened their mouths they proved what idiots they were! To actually state some of the things they did outloud was comical and showed their ignorance and incompetence. They were non thinking morons without one ounce of intellegence in the whole pack of 12. It's a shame that they didn't give the victim who was thrown out like trash and never reported missing by her loving mother a second thought or the justice she deserved. This was a child whos mother didn't give a **** about her laying and rotting in a swamp while she sent everyone on wild goose chases looking for a nanny who kidnapped her. That right there tells you this was no accident but a deliberate cover up of what she had done to her child. How this escaped the 12 morons we will never know, they were just down right incompetent.

Posted by Beth
12/29/2011, 08:43 AM

An accident is ridiculous when you look at the circumstances of this case. Casey left her parents home on the 15th and never returned. She was arm in arm with her boyfriend at 7PM that night. She partied, got tattoos, lived a free life without the responsibility of having to care for a child and lied about where Caylee was for over a month. She lied to her parents, and made excuse after excuse why they couldn't see Caylee. She borowed a shovel from a neighbor during this time. She ditched her car that smelled like death next to a dumpster to mask the smell coming from it, after she stuck a bag of trash from Tonys house in the trunk. When finally found by her mother she insisted Caylee was with the nanny, until backed into a corner then it changed to a kidnapping. She told police she had talked to Caylee that day. She left her at the apartment and when she returned they were gone. When that proved to be false, it changed to a kidnapping at the park. She told both parents in multiple videos that Caylee was alive, sent police on wild goose chases. Traces of chloroform in trunk of caseys car and searches on her home computer. A hair belonging to Caylee with a deathband on it was in the trunk of Caseys car. The child was found 6 months later, triple bagged, hidden in a swampy woods, with duct tape wrapped around the skull, which held the mandible in place instead of separating from the skull. Every item found at the crime scene was linked back to Casey and only Casey. George did not do all this or have anything to do with it. It was all smoke and mirrors and any competent person would laugh at the suggestion. The defense was pathetic and the jury was worse than the defense.

Posted by Veronica
12/29/2011, 09:09 AM

The medical examiner ruled Caylees death a HOMICIDE and all the evidence entered as evidence in this trial coroborated that fact! No one stuffs an accident victim in bags throws them in the trunk of their car and goes on with their life like nothing happened. No one hides the body and then sends everyone looking for a babysitter who kidnapped their child if this death was an accident. Only a guilty person trying to cover up what they did would do that. In fact there was solid proof presented at the trial that Casey was in fact celebrating and living it up during this time Caylee was "missing". A bunch of immoral creeps were placed on this jury and they should be shunned and ridiculed the rest of their lives for what they did.

Posted by
12/29/2011, 10:07 AM

All this jury needed to ask themselves was.. Why was there no evidence at the crime scene? The one person who knew where she placed her daughter didn't want anyone to know where she was and led police far from where Caylee actually was and they needed to ask themselves...WHY? The longer Caylees body decomposed the more chances Casey had of hiding how Caylee died. If Casey wanted to state "accident" then why purposely keep people from finding her daughters body and being able to prove that fact? The reason no one knows how Caylee died was because of Caseys actions, that is the bottom line and she should not have been awarded for her deceptive behavior. It was a clear cut case of murder and a cover up by Casey in that murder. It was pretty simple, but an ignorant jury let this murderer of a baby free to walk amongst us.

Posted by Savanna
12/31/2011, 10:33 AM

George was not involved in a cover up this was all Caseys doing. All the evidence disproves Georges involvement, but this incompetent jury discarded it all and decided to speculate what "may have happened" instead of looking at the facts of the case and using common sense. George coperated with police and gave interview after interview to help find his granddaughter. Casey lied at every turn to police, and investigators to lead them away from finding Caylee. All the jail house videos prove George DID NOT know where Caylee was and he begged, pleaded with all his heart for Casey to coperate and she refused to talk to police, or to give them "truthful information" so they could find her daughter. She kept telling the same lies about a kidnapping and a babysitter to her parents, in other words this evil witch tortured her parents for months with the hope their granddaughter was alive when she knew the whole time she was dead and rotting in a swamp, bound in duct tape and stuffed in bags! The trunk of Caseys car was full of scientific evidence that Caylee was dead and in that trunk, Georges car trunk did not have decomposition in it, a hair with a deathband, chloroform, etc,. That was Caseys car. George did not ditch the car and park it by a dumpster to mask the smell coming from the trunk, Casey did. George did not borrow a shovel from a neighbor during these crucial 31 days, Casey did. George did not get a beautiful life tattoo during these crucial 31 days, Casey did. If you looked at the evidence entered into this trial you saw while Caylee was missing that Cindy was devastated, George was devastated, but Casey was partying and living a life without the responsibility of a child. George tried to kill himself when Caylees body was found, his suicicde note was proof beyond all doubt that he had NOTHING to do with it, but incompetent fools fell for a bunch of smoke and mirrors that no competent person would have ever fell for. I don't know if they were incompetent, ignorant, or lazy, but somethings fishy here. Everything the defense tried to raise was refuted by hard evidence and refuted over and over again and they still found her not guilty. It's beyond a travesty, its downright criminal what they did. These were some cold fish, without morals, who didn't give a crap about a murdered 2 year old girl. Some kind of demon climbed into the souls of these 12 to make them say not guilty and God help them, cuz he will have the last say and that's a fact.

Posted by Joy
01/03/2012, 11:04 PM

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the writer of “A Public Outcry” which I posted right here a short time ago. This introductory paragraph will probably cause a few readers to attempt to reach out and grasp for the snooze alarm, however this lead-in I am offering up might be the most valuable aspect of my topic. I can only attest that years ago, sitting in a state college somewhere in the Heartland of America, I was blessed with a professor who taught Sociology 101. I cannot tell you his name as I do not remember it. I couldn’t even tell you what he looked like. What I can tell you is that I will never forget what he had said.

Many years ago in the early 1960’s, we had a “Cuban Missile Crisis.” I am positive that many of you young individuals have never heard of this situation we Americans had found ourselves in at that time, but it was a time when John F. Kennedy was President. We also feared a “nuclear end of the world”; the Nazis were patrolling the Berlin Wall that once existed; and we feared Russia. Taking you back even a step further, in the 50’s we had regular “air raid” drills in our grade school. This is where we were led out in the hallway by our teachers and were told to crouch down and face the wall, keeping our arms up over our shoulders, cradling our very heads for protection.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself …”Just where is this writer heading with all of these tidbits of information, and especially pertaining to the possibility of the end of the world!! Since you have read this far I’ll be happy to tell you.

My Sociology Professor was so ahead of the game and his far-reaching theories have become embedded profoundly within my brain. Back in the 70’s my professor said …”Yes, there is an honest concern about missiles pointing our way from hostile countries, and a nuclear war could, and would be devastating to the world…possibly putting an end to what we refer to as Earth.” Now, what I’m about to relate to you is the essence of this topic.

It seems to me that his prophecy of the future was quite different than the above-mentioned topic regarding bombs, missiles and a lack of world peace altogether. His grave terror was not that the world was going to explode; his horrifying recognition was that America itself was going to implode, right before the world’s eye. His uncanny way of seeing ahead of time where we Americans were heading, was spot on. He said in so many words that we will turn on one another and kill each other in the streets, or inside close-knit families. In other words, adolescent teenagers will be killing their parents or even more evil-like, parents killing their own offspring! Even animals treat their young better than human beings do in more cases than I care to imagine. Domestic disputes, where live-in boyfriends/girlfriends/fiancées and married couples, have turn viciously and monster-like violent upon one another. Does anyone see how fast this is escalating in our very own United States?

Well, I am sorry to be the one to spring this on you but we are not united. Hell, I don’t even know if we are civilized?? What I do know is that we really don’t have to worry about North Korea or Iran, we have to worry whether our neighbor is a pedophile or a strung out drug user who will rob us the minute we leave for work in broad daylight, for Pete’s Sake.

We have professionals who are scumbags out for the almighty dollar, turning their back on true justice that this land was built upon. We have evil slayers lurching in the darkness waiting to prey upon some innocent victim. Let’s not forget the violent rapists; murderers; gang infested communities such as ghettos; and all the other slime wads that inhabit this place we call “America.” Repeated offenders, over and over and over; we have them because they are not deterred by the law and the consequences that should follow a felony or worse yet, a horrific act upon another is never recognized. We can give credit to those who are in this game for the buck. That’s scary to me. I have used the words “epidemic and pandemic” in my writings for years, but I am afraid I just might be correct when I believe people are more concerned with getting their flu shot than they are of the implosion that is occurring right before their eyes.

There is not one person that should feel safe living amongst the dredged fields. Make sure your doors are locked, you have protection within your home, do not let go of your child’s hand even if you are right there beside him or her, and truly do not walk outside after dark! The boogey man is there and he is getting stronger because we have allowed ourselves to become weak, greedy, too busy, too lazy, too ignorant, or whatever circumstance we have created for ourselves. I’m past the sadness. I’m even beginning to accept my anger. I feel ill and that nauseating sensitivity is weighing heavy on me. I just keep asking myself: “What planet am I on now?”

Posted by Tonie
01/04/2012, 04:26 PM

This article is disgusting, almost as disgusting as the freakin freaks on the jury! Those immoral morons thought it was reasonable and justified to triple bag your child and just toss her in the woods and continue on with life like nothing happened! They didn't see any part of that to be criminal? Not child abuse, not neglect, not manslaughter, nothing! I hope those 12 hide their faces forever cuz they are a disgrace to human kind. FREAKIN IDIOTS!

Casey Anthony's New Video
Posted by Joy
01/06/2012, 12:09 AM

Oh where do I begin on this one? Casey Anthony, a household name very similar to the bad taste in your mouth in the morning, or when it is time to change your kitty litter. Some people may view her as “sexy” or “pretty” but I do not see it. The alleged acts upon her very own daughter, Caylee Anthony, is so grotesquely revolting that I have to stand back from the new video of her because the stench exuding from deep within her is pure malevolence. Casey is an oxy-moron when it comes to her “looks”, such as pretty-wretched, yet just a plain moron when she speaks into the camera.

Now that I have offered my summarization of the video, I would like to add that Casey and her legal team paired up nicely. They have a unique quality, or gift that they share: they know how to lie with a poker face. The only difference between Casey and her “dream team” is Casey had her life to gain, and her defense team’s pockets expanded with blood money. When any gain or money is mentioned regarding the video, or in general, the life of Casey Anthony, please keep that “backdrop” picture in your mind of beautiful Caylee, and where she was found.

Posted by
01/06/2012, 06:55 PM

I hope this jury is haunted and taunted by their verdict the rest of their pitful lives. This video proves what Casey is and this jury is to blame for releasing this evil sociopath back into society. Her own defense attorneys tried to get her to take a plea deal during the trial, they even knew she was guilty as heck. Even her defense attorneys didn't realize the debth of stupidity and gullibility of the 12 morons seated on that jury, which is backed up by them trying to make her take a plea to try and prevent her from getting the death penalty. This was NOT A DEATH QUALIFIED JURY which is required in a case like this. It was a jury full of morons who probably believe all their childs nonsense and will be told when their older everything they got away with cuz their parents were stupid morons. God...I HATE THE 12 IDIOTS WHO SAT ON THIS JURY!

Posted by Sam
01/06/2012, 09:36 PM

I blame the jury foreman for this outrageous verdict. He was nominated to guide this jury to a just verdict. He was the one responsible for asking the judge for clarification if he didn't understand the judges instructions. He was the one in charge of asking to review the evidence, and asking questions about the evidence. He was the one who stated on Greta that the prosecution DID NOT prove a crime was committed. Are you kidding me? A hidden body, bound in duct tape, stuffed in 3 bags, and a lying mother with no remorse didn't prove a crime was committed? He didn't TRUST George Anthony? There was not one piece of evidence presented that proved George untrustworthy. Jose Baez opening statement is the only place that idiot foreman could have gotten any suspicion of George from, and they were not to USE OPENING STATEMENTS AS EVIDENCE which was in the jury instructions! The foreman led the others by the nose, and told them they could not use Caseys behavior as evidence against her cuz that would be basing their decision on EMOTIONS! What a complete utter moron! That was evidence of consiousness of guilt, if they were not allowed to use that evidence it wouldn't have been aloud to be heard by the jury. This jury foreman is evil beyond belief and had an ulterior motive, I think he may have been paid off to convince the others to vote not guilty. He needs to be shunned and ridiculed along with the rest of his sheep!

Posted by Karen
01/06/2012, 10:10 PM

This whole Casey Anthony back in the news is really pissing me off all over again. Her and her defense team are selling these videos they made and edited for profit and the jury who let her off to profit from killing her daughter and throwing her out like trash needs to rot in hell. Not one person on this jury stood up for a murdered two year old child. Instead they used a slimy defense attorneys opening statement as the other side of the story but they didn't need one piece of evidence to back it up, just an opening statement that George was involved and this was all an accident. What a bunch of buffoons! They wanted proof of cause of death by the prosecution, motive, time of death, when, why and where, but all they needed from the defense was "an opening statement" and that was just fine with them. Total idiots! I cannot believe that not one person on this jury questioned the duct tape, chloroform, death hair of Caylees in the trunk, her hidden body in the woods, multiple stories from the mother, wild goose chases she sent police on, searches for choloroform on the home computer, death smell from the trunk of Casey car, borrowing a shovel from the neighboor, all evidence at the crime scene traced back to Casey. I mean good grief, if you put that all together it screams foul play and not an accident. No one whos child dies accidently does these things and goes to this length to cover it up. It's hard to believe no one on this jury questioned these things and the most important evidence against Casey was her behavior! Her celebrating, doing things she could never do with the responsibility of watching Caylee. Casey was having the time of her life for over a month, and it was a documented in photos and tesitified to by all her friends and this jury just dismisses it. UNBELIVABLE!

Posted by
01/07/2012, 01:41 PM

The jury foremans name is mud in this town trust me! I live here and he is hated and parents have requested their child be taking out of his class! His name is DAVID ANGELO and he is a first class jerk and a complete disgrace to everyone in this town. He has tried to convince some students that he had to have a CAUSE OF DEATH to convict Casey of murder. He actually said they were told to convict on cause of death, which is ridiculous and outraged many parents. How dare this creep tell students this lie and try and justify his crazy verdict by misleading young minds! This will hang over his head for the rest of his life and he will be shunned by many in this town. I cannot believe someone this stupid is teaching children and warping their minds with his nonsense. He is a disgrace and always will be...REMEMBER THE NAME DAVID ANGELO AND STAY CLEAR AND KEEP YOUR DAUGHTERS AND CHILDREN AWAYS FROM HIM!

Posted by a grandma
01/08/2012, 12:27 AM

Casey is guilty, george was not involved. cindy lied and covered for her. bozo is a scum bag and the jurors, well are the biggest idiots breathing precious air they dont deserve, and there was jury tampering!!! I hope that bozo and these jurors get exactly what they deserve!!

Posted by Torey
01/08/2012, 12:39 PM

I had to comment on this article it upset me that much. Why in the world would George cover up an accidental drowing of his granddaughter? Stuff her in bags then throw her in the woods down the street from his house? Then stay silent and say nothing while his daughter faces the death penalty, when this was nothing but an accident? It's unreasonable and no one would do this and there is not one ounce of proof that this ever happened. That sleeze ball Jose Baez is the only one that ever suggested that theory and never produced one piece of evidence to back it up. It was all smoke and mirrors and not even Casey stated that is what happened, so how can anyone give any weight to it at all? The evidence shows Casey made up a kidnapping and was partying and living it up for 31 days before Cindy tracked her down and demanded to see Caylee. Casey ditched her car that reeked of death, decomp compounds in the trunk of her car, chloroform in the trunk of her car, a hair with a deathband on it consistent with Caylees in the trunk of her car, searches for how to make chloroform on her home computer, lying and denying an accident to law enforcement, don't forget she was given a chance to state this was an accident and she panicked but she insisted Caylee had been kidnapped by Zenaida Gonzalez. She gave false information to law enforcement and led them far away from finding Caylee as possible. Caylees body was found stuffed in bags, hidden in the woods, and the skull was wrapped with duct tape. That right there disproves any accident, and screams murder. The only person who misled investigators and police was Casey Anthony, not George Anthony. George did everything he could to try and help police find his granddaughter, he even begged his daughter over and over again on videos from the jail to talk to police, but she refused. George was so distraught when Caylee was found dead he attempted to take his own life and left behind a suicide note! That right there refutes any "George" was involved nonsense. The jury who sat on this case is a disgrace and either had no common sense, couldn't connect dots, or are of the same character as Casey Anthony. No reasonable person could look at all the evidence and find Casey not guilty. The evidence was overwhelming of her guilt and that's why the whole population is outraged by what these 12 ammoral morons did. George was not on trial, CASEY ANTHONY WAS! To bad those idiots didn't realize that one major fact!

Posted by
01/08/2012, 04:21 PM

No child deserves to be thrown away like trash, stuffed in multiple bags and her head wrapped in duct tape, and left to rot while her mother goes on to have the time of her life for over a month. These circumstances alone don't come close to this being an accident. The jury dismissed her behavior during the time Caylee was missing, and they just tossed the 31 days she didn't say anything aside! Two of the strongest pieces of evidence against Casey and they just tossed it aside and said no big deal! What a bunch of moraless creatures those 12 ingrates were.

Posted by Mike
01/08/2012, 06:54 PM

Casey not being punished for the crime she committed against her daughter is the fault of the jury and only the jury! The prosecution put on a air tight case of premeditation and outright murder and a cover up of that murder of Caylee Anthony by her mother Casey Anthony. This brain dead jury was the bottom of the barrel and incompetent. The ones who spoke after the verdict proved their incompetence and clearly by their comments they did not understand the law, nor did they follow Judge Perrys instructions. What Jose said was not evidence, but many of them stated suspicions of George and his involvement but no where in the whole trial was that ever brought up, it was only mentioned in Joses opening statement so that proves they used the opening statements as evidence and further proves their incompetence. The jury foreman was bothered by the fact that there was no chloroform on the steering wheel, the door handle of the car, etc,. What a complete imbecile! Chloroform is a volatile and wouldn't be on those items after a few hours and certainly wouldn't be there a month later when Caylee was finally reported missing. If they would have listened to the testimony from the experts they would have understood that the only reason chloroform was detected in the trunk was because the fibers of the carpet trapped it in there and was extracted by scientific methods. No chloroform on the steering wheel...GOOD GRIEF these idiots didn't even pass basic science in school. IT'S A VOLATILE YOU MORONS IT EVAPORATES WITHIN HOURS AND WOULDN'T OR COULDN'T BE DETECTED ON A STEERING WHEEL A MONTH LATER!! The incompetence on that jury boggles the mind.

Posted by Carmen
01/10/2012, 12:52 AM

Millions of people followed this case and sadly only 12 people couldn't figure out this was murder and a cover up of that murder.

Posted by Tamara
01/10/2012, 06:35 PM

Well said Mike, This jury was beyond incompetent. They also said on the news that some people smelled the death smell but others didn't so they couldn't figure out if a dead body was in the trunk since not everyone smelled it. What ignorance and incompetence to even state something like that on national tv so the whole world could see how dumb they were. What about the cadaveer dogs who hit on the trunk? What about the compounds that are only found when a body decomposes found in the trunk by Dr. Vass? What about the hair in the trunk with a distinct band on it that only appears when the body is deceased? What about the blow flies that only appear when feasting on a decomposing body? Add those 4 things together along with people knowing what a decomposed body smells like and it seals the deal that a dead body was in the trunk of that car, but they couldn't figure it out because some didn't smell it! What other explanation is there that cadaveer dogs hit, compounds of decomposition is found, a death hair, and blow flies, it means there was a dead body in the trunk of that car, but they couldn't figure that out and connect the dots and see that many pieces of evidence proved there was a dead body in the trunk not just a few people smelling it! Stupid, ignorant arse holes, I hope they rot in hell and see Caylee in their nightmares. They are the lowest of the low and I hate them more than I hate Casey.

Posted by Tamara
01/10/2012, 06:53 PM

Another thing this ignorant jury said was that George was suspicious by not calling police at the tow yard, and they thought he was involved, and the gas cans confused them too! LOL None of them could step back and use critical thinking skills and know that if George was involved why in the world would he go to the junkyard and pick up the car? Why not just leave it there since unclaimed cars are crushed? The family secret would be crushed and no one would ever know? See the ignorance on this jury? It makes no sense if George was involved that he would go and pick up that car, he would have just ignored the notice and be done with it. That tape on the gas cans that George took out of Caseys car trunk was a direct connection to Casey and the tape that was wrapped around Caylees face, so the defense tried to blame it on George with Caseys blessings. If I had been on that jury her doing what she did to her own father after killing her own daughter would have put that needle in her arm, cuz I would have been convinced that she is just plain evil and a danger to society!

Posted by
01/11/2012, 10:57 AM

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS ARE NOW UNSEALED!! Wow, just wow! The differnet stories she told of this not being an accident and George must have drowned Caylee on purpose, or while molesting her. The evaluation was entirely normal, which surprised the doctor. He told prosecutors... I HAVE NO EXPLANATION FOR THIS OTHER THAN SHES JUST PURE EVIL!! This jury need to speak and speak now those ignorant incompetent fools should never be able to live a normal life! They are beyond pond scum!

Posted by
01/12/2012, 08:50 AM

These psych reports are crazy! Casey is very disturbed and she also told doctors that Caylee was a result of a date rape! She killed her daughter, blamed a nanny, sent police on wild goose chases, then blamed her father, and then degrades Caylees name by stating she was the product of a rape! Wow, to me that gives a new motive of why she wouldn't want any part of raising Caylee and could kill her and throw her away like trash and never look back. I am so upset with the jury that let this evil one free to walk among us. I am even more upset with those 2 jurors who first voted guilty, and then let the jury foreman and his ignorant sheep bully them into changing their orignal verdict!

Posted by John
01/16/2012, 12:38 PM

The Casey Anthony jury was made up of 11 weak-minded followers who couldn't stand strong against the overbearing colossal jerk-THE FOREMAN!

Posted by
01/16/2012, 03:14 PM

I do believe there was jury tampering in this case. No one would let a women who didn't report her daughter missing for a month and the baby was found thrown out like trash in a swamp, stuffed in bags and duct tape wrapped around her skull, off scott free! What the hell happened here? Are they really that stupid, and incompetent or was someone paid off (the foreman) to convince the others to vote not guilty? I mean come one, we have a mother who was partying, screwing her boyfriend, getting tattoos while her babys body was rotting in a swamp and said nothing to anyone that this child was dead, but had the time of her life for over a month. The mother then led police on wild goose chases looking for a babysitter who kidnapped the child, and far away from where she threw the child out like trash. The mothers car smelled like death, decomposition in the trunk, death hair in trunk, chloroform in trunk, searches for chloroform on computer, cadaveer dogs hit on trunk, borrowed shovel from neighbor, trash bags, duct tape linked to the house. Everything found with Caylees body was linked back to one person and one person only...CASEY! Now, how in the hell do you get accident, and not guilty out of all that evidence? Caseys behavior alone proves this was foul play and not an accident!! I think the jury foreman needs to be investigated, his Geta interview was disturbing and something is not right here!

Posted by sammie
01/19/2012, 08:26 PM

Only an idiot would believe that Casey and George thought the best course of action was to put duct tape across caylees mouth, stuff her in three garbage bags and toss her in the swamp after she had drowned in a pool?? When 100% of the population would have called 911 when they found their child in a pool? This is the most unreasonable thing I've ever heard, and everyone is correct when they say this jury was incompetent. I mean Good grief, Who would fall for this crap, when the mother was out partying and lying and sending police on wild goose chases far away from where she threw her daughter to rot? What kind of people were on this jury? They are the sickest bunch to ever sit on a jury and I hope caylee haunts their every move for the rest of their pitiful lives.

Posted by
01/19/2012, 10:28 PM

What reasonable person would toss a child out like garbage if they drowned? I guess the 12 jurors would just throw their child into a swamp instead of calling 911. That's exactly what they said was reasonable with their ridiculous insane verdict.

Posted by MindyRN6
01/25/2012, 04:52 PM

There is nothing in this article about jury sequestration.

Posted by Mindyrn6
01/25/2012, 04:55 PM

The article states that her behavior changed 180 degrees. It did not. She partied and stole before and she partied and stole after Caylee was gone. No change. Didn't skip a beat.

blaming the media
Posted by a journalist
03/24/2012, 04:01 PM

I don't recall any members of the press serving on the jury. And yet the verdict in this case is all the fault of the media?

It sounds like the author is just another Casey groupie (tm)

Explain this Mr Long
Posted by Cate Ellington
05/30/2012, 03:49 PM

Mr. Long- I don't know who you really are, but you are either NOT who you claim to be or you are a paid mouthpiece for Casey Anthony's Dream Team. I would like ONE person-among those who for whatever reason have opted to take the side of a fully documented lying sociopath- to explain to me how you have reconciled this defense of molestation and drowning-and the fact that in October 2008, Jose Baez went to the media and SAID, "We believe that Caylee is ALIVE. Mr. Black misspoke and his words are being twisted". For you to jump on this poorly constructed defense and believe George Anthony is an animal simply because liars have told you so-Mr Baez knew that the jury did not see or hear his public statements about Caylee being alive and the police conspiracy that they were not following up on tips. How can Caylee Marie be alive to J Baez in 2008 & 2009 but then have suddenly known all along that she died in June 2008, and that she was never missing- during his opening statements? Which is it? ONE of those statements is a lie. Mr. Long knowing how can YOU stand by this woman and her defense team? Why do u feel the need to write about something you CLEARLY know very little about? Do You just want your name associated with Casey Anthony? You make Harvard's Neiman Watchdog Group look very very bad.

06/05/2012, 04:17 AM

This article has to be a joke!!! Baby Killer is a BABY KILLER!!!! That is all.....

Posted by Cate Ellington
06/23/2012, 04:04 PM

The people who want to align w/ this despicable woman and her despicable attorneys and are willing to lose all credibility and put their very reputation's on the line by writing very poorly constructed defense pieces on Casey Anthony and insist on viewing her as just another poor poor little innocent victim- NEVER EVER will answer the hard questions. Its called Hybristophilia Mr. Long. Look it up. Neiman Watchdog Group, is this really the type of writer you want associated with your foundation??

Posted by SHIRLEE
07/02/2012, 12:38 PM


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