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Introducing our new Watchdog blog

SHOWCASE | October 09, 2006

Our new blog, written mostly by journalists, focuses on questions the press should ask, on coverage of important issues, and on the news industry.

By Barry Sussman

Since we came online in May 2004 our goal has been to encourage great journalism. We are now taking a big step toward that goal: We’re adding a blog to the site, and we’ve got some outstanding journalists taking part.

At the outset, 11 writers, some of them very well known, are the bloggers. We’ve asked them to keep in mind our watchdog function but beyond that, they’re on their own. We’ve worked up a format that makes things simple for them and for readers who want to post comments. We’ll add more bloggers in the coming weeks and months.

The rest of the site will remain the same, with its focus on ‘Questions the press should ask.’

We’re excited about the new venture; we hope you’ll look for it often and that you’ll help make the Nieman Watchdog Blog a continuing, lively, worthwhile journalism discussion.

Click here to go to the main blog page.

The NiemanWatchdog.org website is no longer being updated. Watchdog stories have a new home in Nieman Reports.